Salamander-Slayer (Advanced)

From Echoes of Angmar


Oddly, Salamanders are frequently found near bodies of water such as rivers or lakes -- though they may also be found in wet marshes or sandy deserts. Scholars believe this may be because of the creature's tendency to burn away all nearby vegetation, thus rendering an area uninhabitable unless bodies of water or otherwise fire-proof terrain serves to constrain the fires they so freqently set.

Objective #1

Complete deed Salamander-slayer

Objective #2

Defeat Salamanders in Evendim (x240)

Having learned to avoid the worst of these creatures' terrible flame, you have become a capable hunter of their kind. Such monsters would never have been permitted to inhabit these lands in the days of Arnor, but it seems unlikely that they can be driven out until Men come to live here again.

Reward: Determination +1