Strongholds Exploration

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: 1833 xp

Confidence +1


Spy out the Orc and goblin-strongholds in the North Downs

Objective #1

Find Nan Wathren Western Pass

Once this pass served as the Grand Gate of Nan Wathren, a strong fortress that stood guard over the city of Fornost. It has long lay in ruin.

Find Nan Wathren Eastern Pass

Once the eastern pass served as the postern gate to the fortress of Nan Wathren. These days it has become a supply road for the goblins that now inhabit the ruins of this once-proud citadel.

Find Hîgropor

Long ago, this place served as the keep of proud Nan Wathren. It fell into ruins after the city of Fornost was destroyed by the Witch-king of Angmar,and has laid abandoned for many long years. Now the goblins have come here through dark, secret tunnels and made this crumbling fortress their own.

Find Hîsuk

The war-camp of Hîsuk provides a commanding view over the blasted wastes of Dol Dínen. Here the Orkish army gathers its might and prepares for further conquest of the North Downs.

Find Tûmat

Tûmat lies hidden deep within the mountains of Dol Dínen. It is here that the Orkish commanders confer with their dark lords and recieve the orders that will set them to march against the Free Peoples of Eriador.