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Armour Value: {{{Armour}}}
{{{dps}}} DPS
{{{speed}}} speed +{{{Vitality}}} Vitality
+{{{Agility}}} Agility
+{{{Will}}} Will
+{{{Might}}} Might
+{{{Fate}}} Fate
+{{{Morale}}} Morale
+{{{Power}}} Power
+{{{Block Chance}}}% Block Chance
+{{{Evade Chance}}}% Evade Chance
+{{{Parry Chance}}}% Parry Chance
+{{{Ranged Critical Chance}}}% Ranged Critical Chance
-{{{Ranged Vulnerability}}}% Ranged Vulnerability
+{{{Stealth Level}}} Stealth Level
+{{{Tactical Critical Chance}}}% Tactical Critical Chance
+{{{Tactical Critical Multiplier}}}% Tactical Critical Multiplier
+{{{in-Combat Morale Regen}}} in-Combat Morale Regen
+{{{in-Combat Power Regen}}} in-Combat Power Regen
+{{{non-Combat Morale Regen}}} non-Combat Morale Regen
+{{{non-Combat Power Regen}}} non-Combat Power Regen
Required Characteristic: {{{characteristic}}}
Requires the {{{profession}}} profession
Required proficiency: {{{proficiency}}}
Requires the {{{Class}}} class
Durability: {{{durability}}} {{{durability-rank}}}
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Craft Recipe/Item: [[Item:{{{crafted}}}]]

File:Javax.swing.ImageIcon@2d772d2f Shadow-wrap

Bind on Equip
Armour Value: 111
+15 Agility
+30 Might
+90.0 Morale
Minimum Level 50