The Barrow-Downs

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Patience


The Barrow-downs are south-west of Bree-town. For many generations the Dúnedain of Cardolan buried their dead within the Downs, until the Great Plague destroyed the last vestiges of Cardolan, and spirits from Angmar claimed the barrows. Now only the most brave -- or most foolhardy -- dare venture therein.

Objective #1

Explore the Barrow Downs.

Find Northern Barrows

The path from the Great East Road into the Barrow-downs passes through the wight-haunted Northern Barrows.

Find The Dead Spire

This stone pillar stands amidst the barrows, pointing skyward like a warning finger. Even in the heat of the day, the stone of the Dead Spire is cold and casts no shadow.

Find The Dead Man's Perch

This bluff overlooks the town of Bree. Some Bree-folk claim to have seen the Dead walking upon the ridge.

Find The Great Barrow

Othrongroth, the Great Barrow, is the oldest and deepest of the ancient barrows of the Edain, the first builders of the barrows.

Find Ost Gorthad

Now fallen into decay, Ost Gorthad once stood proudly as the last bastion of the Dúnedain of Cardolan against the ravages of Angmar.