The Farms of the Shire

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Tolerance


Farming represents the heart of the Shire, and farmsteads can be found throughout -- the largest of which surround the town of Michael Delving.

Objective #1

Explore the Farms of the Shire.

Find Dora Brownlock's Farm

Dora Brownlock owns one of the largest farms near the sleepy village of Waymeet. She has been having troubles with wolves recently.

Find Bamfurlong

Bamfurlong is the land owned by Farmer Maggot, one of the most respected farmers in the Marish.

Find Old Odo's Leaf-farm

Old Odo Burrow once held the largest leaf farm in the Southfarthing, though it has now fallen to ruin.

Find South Fields

The Delving Fields are the largest farmhold in the Westfarthing, providing foodstuffs for much of the Shire.

Find Appledores

Farmer Appledore grows some of the sweetest fruit in all the Shire.

Find Puddifoot's Fields

Cam Puddifoot grows a variety of vegetables, but he is best known for his honey. Unfortunately, his bees are often threatened by bears.