The Grimfens

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: 1979 xp

Confidence +1


The Grimfens are in the south-east extent of the Lone-lands. Travellers have avoided this place for as long as any can remember -- and for good reason.

Objective #1

Explore the Grimfens.

Find Ost Haer

Ost Haer was a fortress of Arthedain set against the might of Rhudaur's Garth Agarwen in ancient days, now fallen into ruin and decay, home to the shades of Oath-breakers sworn to defeat the Red-maid of Agamaur.

Find Nindor

Nindor was a another fortification of Arthedain, overrun by the Hillmen of Rhudaur in the wars with Angmar. Wights summoned by the Gaunt-lords of Morgoth now haunt the ruins.