The Ruins of Bree-land

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Patience


The ruins of old Arnor are scattered all across Bree-land. They remain a constant reminder of the ancient glories of the North Kingdom...and of the evil that destroyed it.

Objective #1

Explore the Ruins of Breeland.

Find Bronwe's Folly

Little lore remains from the days of the North Kingdom, but it is said that these ruins are all that remain of a Cardolan lord's failed attempt to hold back the wrath of Angmar.

Find Hillshire Ruins

This scattered ruin is all that remained of the ancient town of Hillshire, once a sister to nearby Bree.

Find The Old Greenway Fort

In the days of the kingdom of Arnor, the Old Greenway Fort stood guard over the once-busy road leading to Fornost Erain. Now it is little more than a ruined monument to a ruined kingdom.

Find Blackwold's Roost

Once an abode of the Men of Arnor, these ruins now house an unruly mob of outlaws calling themselves the Blackwolds.

Find Blackwold Headquarters

Long ago, this ruined fortress guarded Cardolan against the armies of Angmar and Rhudaur, but now it serves as the seat of power of the Blackwold brigands.

Find Woodsedge Ruins

These ancient ruins stand at the edge of the Midgewater Marshes and the Chetwood, a meagre remnant of a long forgotten age.

Find Ost Baranor

These ruins mark the place where yet another tower of the North Kingdom once stood, now faded into memory.

Find Marshwater Fort

This spider-infested ruin lies at the centre of the Midgewater Marshes. It is rumoured that the wandering Rangers frequent this ancient fortress.

Find Goblinhole Ruins

Little is known of this ancient pile of rubble, except that goblins have chosen to roost here...a cause for concern to the Men of Bree.

Find South-guard Ruins

These ruins, an abode of vile brigands from the south, mark the passage from the Vale of Andrath southwards into long-abandoned Minhiriath.