The Villages of the Earth-Kin

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Tolerance


An odd people calling themselves the Earth-kin have been discovered in the eastern North Downs. Seek out their villages and learn more of them, and whether they be friend or foe.

Objective #1


Find Rusfold

It seems that the Earth-kin hunters of Rusfold are friendly enough, if rather odd. They speak of others of their kind to the east however, who have fallen under the sway of Angmar.

Find Fashat Laug

It seems that this village and others have fallen under the sway of Angmar. The Earth-kin are fighting amongst themselves -- to the amusment of the lords of Angmar, no doubt.

Find Kar Lak

Kar Lak is a camp of Earth-kin that has fallen under the yoke of Angmar. If they would listen to reason perhaps they could be freed, but they do not seem to be in a mood to talk.

Find Lehmä-koti

Hidden deep within the Ram Dúath you have discoverd this camp of the Earth-kin. Trapped from their home in the south of Angmar by the forces of the Angmarim, their lot does not seem to be a happy one, as they have been turned against one another by the lies of Angmar.