From Echoes of Angmar

Armsman Profession: Embrace the Art of Crafting Weapons

Entering the captivating domain of weapon crafting in The Lord of the Rings Online starts by selecting the Armsman profession while interacting with a Master of Apprentices. This path bestows upon players the professions of Weaponsmith, Prospector, and Woodworker. Alternatively, the Weaponsmith profession can also be acquired through the Historian profession. Masters of Apprentices can be located in various regions, including Thorin's Hall, Combe, Bree, and Michel Delving in the Shire.

Role of a Weaponsmith

A Weaponsmith transforms ingots into an array of weapons including swords, greatswords, maces, halberds, axes, daggers, and throwing axes. This transformation process employs the Prospector's skill to mine ore from nodes dispersed across the landscape. Depending on the geographical area, these nodes may yield one to three resources of varying types (copper, tin, silver, etc.), and may occasionally contain a gem.

Crafting Process

Once a sufficient quantity of ingots has been gathered, the crafting process can commence at the same forge. With the Smithing Hammer equipped, the Crafting menu can be opened. Items that can be crafted with the available inventory materials will be highlighted. Selecting a highlighted item and clicking on the "Make" button initiates the crafting process. For crafting multiple items, the quantity next to the "Make" button can be adjusted.

Skill Development and Mastery

Every crafted item contributes to the accumulation of crafting experience. The crafting of component pieces yields six experience points, while the crafting of weapons and traps provides eight. Players commence their journey as an Apprentice, and upon reaching proficiency at this level, they can aim for mastery. Mastery unlocks the ability to craft superior weapons, which inherently require higher quality crafting materials. Mastering a crafting level also enables a "critical success" chance, transforming a normal weapon into an uncommon one, or an uncommon weapon into a rare one.

Getting Started as a Weaponsmith

As a Weaponsmith, crafting bladed weapons is executed with the Smithing Hammer, and requires access to a forge. Initial crafting requires Bronze Ingots, typically sourced from a Prospector. An effective early strategy for skill enhancement is crafting Bronze Throwing Axes (requires four Bronze Ingots), followed by Bronze Blades. After creating 12-15 Bronze Throwing Axes and Bronze Blades, the Apprentice tier of the profession should be complete.

Learning Recipes

Access to a new tier of Weaponsmithing introduces fresh recipes to the player. Additional recipes can be purchased from Novice or Expert Weaponsmith trainers, or obtained as drops from mobs in the wilderness. The pursuit of Weaponsmithing offers the chance to fashion remarkable swords and witness the beauty of crafted weapons.