Weathertop Exploration

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Wisdom


Weathertop is in the western half of the Lone-lands. Its proper name of old is Amon Sûl, and within it once lay one of the palantíri of the ancient kingdoms.

Objective #1

Explore Weathertop and its surroundings.

Find Echad Sûl

The tower at Echad Sûl once guarded the northern approach to Amon Sûl, but it was destroyed in battle with Angmar and Rhudaur.

Find Weatherfoot

Weatherfoot is at the south-west edges of Amon Sûl , an ancient watch-post now beset on all sides by goblins.

Find Glumhallow

In the northern reaches of the Weather Hills lies Glumhallow, an ancient way-station. Orcs have made the place their residence, where they plot the invasion of Eriador.

Find Weathertop

Weathertop, the great hill of Amon Sûl, was once the site of a great watch-tower which was razed by the Witch-king of Angmar after he discovered that the palantír which was once contained within had been taken west by the king of Arthedain. It is a place hallowed by Rangers.