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The Woodworker: Crafting Profession in The Lord of the Rings Online

"The Woodworker" represents one of the seven distinguished crafting professions found within the gaming universe of The Lord of the Rings Online. Players wishing to specialize in this field may opt to choose from three vocations that encompass the Woodworker profession, namely Armsman, Historian, and Woodsman.

Choosing Your Vocation

Vocations are chosen through interaction with the Master of Apprentices, conveniently situated within major towns such as Bree in Bree-land. Once a player hones their craft, they are enabled to trade their crafted goods with players worldwide.

Starter Vocation: The Woodsman

For enthusiasts interested in manipulating wood in various forms, the Woodsman vocation serves as an ideal starting point. This vocation gives access to three main professions: Forester, Farmer, and Woodworker. One of the distinct advantages of this vocation is the ability for players to gather wood independently, thus eliminating reliance on other players for supplies. Additionally, the Farmer profession provides an extra avenue for gathering resources and potentially profiting through sales at the auction hall.

Gathering Resources

Regardless of the chosen vocation, one certainty for Woodworkers is the necessity to procure wood. This can be achieved either by personal gathering through the Forester profession or via trades or the auction hall. Large quantities of wood are required for mastery; for instance, achieving proficiency from Apprentice necessitates at least 100 units of Treated Rowan Wood.

Tools and Crafting Process

Upon choosing a vocation, players are given Woodworking Tools. Novice Woodworkers and Suppliers also vend these tools, although higher quality tools can be acquired from Metalsmiths. Crafting requires access to a workbench, typically located near NPC Woodworker vendors.

The crafting process is initiated by activating the Crafting window through a right-click on the workbench. The desired item to be crafted is selected, with left-clicking revealing detailed information about required ingredients, tier level, existing backpack resources, and points earned upon crafting. The "Make" button allows for item crafting, with the crafted items placed directly into the player's backpack.

Crafting Items and Skill Development

Woodworkers have the ability to craft items such as bows, spears, and staffs. A useful strategy for skill enhancement involves crafting Rowan Bows in the early stages. Each bow requires six Treated Rowan, three of which are used to create a Rowan Bowstaff. Successful crafting of 12 to 15 bows signifies completion of the Apprentice tier of the Woodworker profession.

Mastery Option

Notably, the Crafting panel contains a "Mastery Option" tab, allowing players the opportunity to create superior items upon reaching Master level. Hovering the cursor over the item picture provides a description of the potential enhancements in the case of a critical crafting success.