By Axe and Fire

From Echoes of Angmar
By Axe and Fire
Level 20
Type Small fellowship
Repeatable No
Region Bree-land
Quest-giver Goldberry
Previous Quest Into the Woods


Bestowal dialogue

'If left unchecked, the Wood-troll will wind its roots through the land. Such an evil will corrupt everything in its path, turning the very trees against those who walk upon two legs. Tom will not leave his borders...nay, do not ask! The fears of Men do not concern him. This task is for you and your companions. 'By fire and axe, sword and staff, if you wish to be rid of this creature, you must gather companions and go yourself to the Wood-troll's lair. The forests are deep and dark enough without such evil to mar their beauty. 'Seek out the creature Tarburz north beyond the Far Chetwood, near Nen Harn'


  1. The Wood-troll Tarburz is in north-east Breeland, north beyond the Far Chetwood, near Nen Harn. Goldberry told you that you must gather companions and deal with the Wood-troll yourself.
  2. Goldberry's spring is deep within the Old Forest, east of Buckland. You should return to Goldberry with news of your success.


Gold 4 Silver 0 Copper