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Faction Men of Bree
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But in the wild lands beyond Bree, there were mysterious wanderers…Strange as News from Bree was still a saying in the Eastfarthing… -J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Fellowship of the Ring".


Bree-land is a small inhabited region like an island in the midst of empty lands. Travelers of many races pass through the area since it contains the two most important thoroughfares in Eriador. The village of Bree stands at the crossroads of the Great East Road and the North Road, also called the Greenway since it is seldom used and grass-grown. Nearby are the villages of Staddle, Combe, and Archet. To the west lies Buckland, a Hobbit colony just outside the proper borders of the Shire which sits on a narrow strip of land along Brandywine River. Between the Shire and Bree is the dark, dangerous Old Forest, which was fenced off long ago by the Bucklanders with a great hedge called the High Hay. Northeast of Bree is the Chetwood Forest and the treacherous Midgewater Marshes.To the south are the sinister Barrow-downs, where fog rises over the broken stone rings of forgotten burial sites.

The township of Bree lay within this land. Other villages were Combe, Staddle, and Archet, home to a mixed population of both Men and Hobbits.


The area was settled in the Second Age by Men from Dunland. Surviving the wars and chaos of that time, it became part of the kingdoms of Arnor then Arthedain and then maintained a certain independence under the secret protection of the Rangers of the North. After the War of the Ring, Bree-land became part of the Reunited Kingdom and presumably prospered well into the Fourth Age.


Bree-Land has several settlements, most are located in the center of the region and are inhabited Men and Hobbits predominantly.


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Just North of Bree, Archet rests on the Western edge of the Chetwood.This peaceful village has oft been considered one of the most peaceful areas in Eriador until recently.


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Bree or Bree-Town is the Capital city of the Bree-Land. All races are ushered to Bree upon completion of their starter areas. A crafting and social hub, Bree is veritable hive of activity. Don't forget to visit the Prancing Pony and taste the finest ale in the North.


Buckland is the ancestral home of the Brandybuck hobbits. Located just south of the Brandywine bridge on the Eastern shore of the Brandywine river. Brandy Hall is atop and within Buck Hill on the Southern end of Buckland and is home to an expansive library.


Combe is just outside Bree's Northeastern gate and sits in a valley between Bree and Archet. Home to the Combe and Wattle Inn and the Combe Crafting Hall, there is always opportunities for new adventurers passing through Combe.


South of Combe and East of Bree is the market village of Staddle. The many Hobbit farms of the Staddle supply Bree with fresh produce and are always in need of adventurers willing to help.


Their are many areas worthy of visiting in the forests and hills of Bree-Land


The Vale of Andrath encloses around the Greenway just out of sight of Bree in the Southern hills.

Brandy Hills

These hills stretch from the Brandywine to the Southern Bree-Fields, and are dotted with small ruins. If you are looking for good boar or bear hunting look no further.

Barrow Downs

In the South bordering the Old Forest, lie the Barrow Downs. These mounds are the ancient burial grounds of the Cardolans.

Northern Barrow Downs

The northern half of the barrows contain several tombs rumored to be rife with treasure.

Southern Barrow Downs

The southern barrows contain larger and more prominent tombs, but sickly smells and ghastly noises emanate from those areas.

Chetwood North

A good area for lumber and often a site for residents of Combe to forage, until the recent Blackwold Brigands moved in and began threatening the safety of Archet and Combe.

Chetwood South

Directly south of Staddle across the Great East Road this small wood holds some mysterious locations and ruins.

Eastern Bree-Fields

These fields make for good pasture land on the southern shore of Nen Harn, but recently livestock has been going missing from the farther fields.

Midgewater Marsh

This expanse of fetid swamp reaches from Staddle to the Weather Hills. Ruins can be seen out in depths of the marsh, and recently goblins have moved down using the swamp as cover to raid the Great East Road from.

Northern Bree-Fields

The North-South Road, leading from Bree to Trestlebridge has long been watched by the Rangers, ensuring this vital trade route stays open.

Old Forest

This oppressive tangle of trees stretches from the Barrow Downs to the Brandywine, a seemingly labyrinthine forest of ancient oaks.

Southern Bree-Fields

This rich farmland stretches along the Great East Road, but recently the farms and estates have been ravaged by brigands and outlaws.

Weather Hills

Forming the eastern border of Bree-land the Weather Hills reach further into the Lone Lands, encircling Amon Sul.


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