Calling for Charcoal

From Echoes of Angmar
Calling for Charcoal
Level 9
Region The Shire
Quest-giver Hyacinth Took
Previous Quest Wolves In The Fields
Next Quest The Big Black Bear


Bestowal dialogue

Hyacinth Took: 'You really shouldn't have let Cam bully you into hunting those wolves for him. That's work for the Shirriffs! Well, thank you for the saltpetre. 'Now I need some charcoal. Please go to Overhill and talk to Hart Holeman. He and some other wood-cutters gather timber from Bindbole Wood and sometimes cook charcoal for sale. You can find him at his home in the centre of Overhill. 'Mind you don't let him bully you like Cam did.'


  1. Hart Holeman is at his home in the centre of Overhill. Hyacinth Took appreciated the saltpetre you brought back with you, though she chided you for letting Cam Puddifoot talk you into hunting wolves for him. Now she has asked you to speak with Hart Holeman about the charcoal she needs.


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