The Shire

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The Shire
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The secluded hills and valleys of the Shire are peaceful and idyllic region. Rarely visited by men or elves, the Hobbits live undisturbed but by the occasional dwarf trader passing through. Unbeknownst to the hobbits though the Gandalf and the Rangers struggle unceasingly to maintain that peace for the hobbits.


The Northernmost town in the Shire, Brockenborings is the last stop on the Northway until you cross into the Bullroarer's Sward and reach Oatbarton


Just off the crossroads of the Northway and the Great East Road, Budgeford lies along the river Water. Primarily a swineherding town, it purportedly has as many pigs as hobbits in residence.


Widely known for its famous Green Dragon Inn, Bywater lies along the Southern shore of the river Water. This Village lays just outside Hobbiton and sees much trade along the East-West Road


A prime location for foraging mushrooms, Frogmorton gets its name from the large quantities of frogs that reside in the surrounding marshland.


A quaint town on across the river Water from Bywater, Hobbiton can be found in the shade of the famous Party Tree, and just down the hill from Bag End.

Michael Delving

Home of the Mayor's office and the Bounders, Michael delving is the unofficial capital of the Shire. anything you could possibly want, from pipeweed to roasted mutton can be found in this township.


The last town before the Tower Hills on the road to Ered Luin.


A small lumberjack village in the Bindbole Wood. Overhill lies alongside the road from Hobbiton to Brockenborings.


The small village of Scary is tucked into the hills west of the Brandywine, and home to one of the most important quarries in the Shire.


At the west end of the Brandywine Bridge, Stock stands out with its above ground homes instead of the more acceptable hobbit holes.


Home of the ferocious Took clan, Tuckborough is thought of as a place full of odd hobbits by the other denizens of the Shire.


More a large camp than an actual brick and mortar settlement, Waymeet is a large trading hub for caravans along the Great East Road.


Woodhall is a small settlement hidden in a forest dell along the eastern edge of the Green Hill Country.


Bindbole Wood


Green Hill Country

The Marish

Rushock Bog


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