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Crafting items are essential for all Professions to craft unique and useful items for everyone.

Crafting Tools

Every craft requires Crafting Tools to perform their trade. The Master or Mistress of Apprentices offer you Inferior Tools to begin with. These are brittle tools and should be replaced soon after with regular tools for efficiency in less time spent repairing instead of crafting.

If you wish to continue on in crafting and find the normal tools lacking it may benefit you to find a friendly Metalsmith. A metalsmith has the ability to craft better, more efficient tools such as Bronze Smithing Hammer, Iron Smithing Hammer, Steel Smithing Hammer, and so on.

Crafting Resources

Crafting Resources, also known as landscape spawn, are the deposits, branches, fruits and vegetables, and artifacts found throughout Middle-earth. There are two basic types of Resources; spawns and materials and Crafting Rare Components. Spawns are exactly that, an item that spawns in the landscape that can be picked up by hand or by tool. Materials are the items taken from the spawns that are used as components in different recipes.

Crafting Resources

Crafting Mastery and Rare Components

Creatures throughout Middle-earth are known to drop trophies when defeated. Some are good only for their worth but there are a few that can be used for crafting. Crafting Mastery Components‎ and Crafting Rare Components‎ are prized by all that craft because they are used to increase your mastery success and are required for advanced recipes. The Mastery Components Index and Crafting Rare Components‎ shows what components are used by which profession.

Crafting Rare Components

Crafting Recipes

Recipes are better viewed by Profession.

Crafting Recipes

Crafted Items

The end result are Crafted Items. But they are better viewed by Profession.

List of Crafted Jewellery

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