From Echoes of Angmar

Metalsmith Profession: Mastering the Art of Crafting Heavy Armour and Shields

In Echoes of Angmar, the Metalsmith profession is the exclusive domain of the Armourer vocation. Primarily, Metalsmiths craft heavy armour and shields, utilizing the Smithing Hammer and a forge as key tools. Starting off, players need to create Bronze Mail Links using Bronze Ingots. Being proficient in the complementary Prospector profession enables self-sufficiency in crafting these links. For more details on Prospecting, refer to the relevant section.

Crafting Armour

Each piece of armour requires four Bronze Mail Links. After crafting 24 links, players can proceed to create different types of armour: coifs, gloves, armour, leggings, boots, and pauldrons. If the player's character can equip mail, it is advisable to do so, as these items are likely superior to existing gear. Crafting a shield may also be beneficial. This requires two Leather Bindings, craftable via the Tailor profession (also an Armourer vocation), and five Bronze Plates, which can be produced in a similar manner to the links. All crafted items contribute points toward the next crafting tier, irrespective of the piece created.

Earning Coin and Levelling Up

To monetize crafting efforts, players can offer their services and accept orders. If there are no immediate buyers, crafted items can be sold to a vendor. Repeating this process until the end of the Apprentice tier is a common strategy. However, progression to the next tier necessitates the completion of a specific quest.

Advanced Crafting Techniques

Crafting two Bronze Plates and two Bronze Mail Links early in the game is beneficial. By gathering Light Leather and having it boiled (likely by another player), a Leather Binding can be made. Combining these items can yield a piece of armour worth 32 points. If selling to a vendor, opt for Bronze Armour, which can be sold for 2 silver and 15 copper. Collecting Medium Hides is advised for expedited levelling later on.

After gaining experience, craft two Iron Bands and two Iron Chains. The collected Medium Hides can then be transformed into Leather Guards by a Forester and a Tailor. With these resources, a piece of iron armour can be crafted. If selling to a vendor, the Iron Scale Armour fetches 3 silver and 87 copper.

Mastery and Critical Success

Mastery of a tier unlocks a 5 percent base chance to produce a critical success when executing recipes. However, this probability can be enhanced. One method involves using Metalsmith lore scrolls crafted by the Scholar profession. Although varying in power, all scrolls increase the chance of achieving a critical success. Be quick, as the scroll's buff lasts only 60 seconds. The most effective way to augment the critical success rate involves collecting special trophy items. As optional ingredients, these items significantly increase the chance of a critical success in crafting.