From Echoes of Angmar

As you complete quests and find treasure, you will accumulate weapons, armour, special items, and more. These items are stored in your character's inventory. Click on the bag buttons at the bottom right of the screen, or press I to open all of the bags. Press C to open up your Character Journal to see what items you have equipped.

Slide your mouse over a slotted item to see the item's description. If you scroll over a new item, an item-to-item comparison pops up to help you make your equipment decisions.


Your inventory is stored in five bags. You can access individual bags by clicking on the corresponding bag icon. You can access all fi ve at once by pressing I. Each bag can hold 15 items (or stacks of items). Holding your cursor over an item displays a tooltip for the item. If you already have a similar item equipped, a second tooltip displays the equipped item's stats next to the first tooltip. To equip an item from your inventory, double-click it, right-click it, or drag it to the appropriate equipment slot in the Character Journal window.

Stackables. Some small items (potions, ammo, minor battle trophies and trade goods) can be stacked, so that multiple items of the same type can be stored in a single inventory slot. The maximum number of items that can be stacked together depends on the item in question.

Splitting Stacks. Stacks are convenient ways to hold small items, but sometimes you need to split them — to sell or trade part of a stack, or for other reasons. To split a stack, hold Shift while you move the stack from one inventory box to another. A window appears, asking you how much you want to move. Enter an amount (or select "half "), and the stack is split in that amount.

Bound Items. Some items are "bind on pickup" (or "bind on equip"). That means that when you pick it up (or fi rst equip it), it becomes bound to you — you cannot give it away or trade it to another player. These items can be sold to an NPC vendor or destroyed. Bound items often have special bonuses or improved statistics. Red-Border Items. If you cannot currently use an item in your inventory, its icon has a red border. If you hold your cursor over it, the information window lists what keeps you from using it, also in red


Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel
Light Armour
Medium Armour 10 10 (15)
Heavy Armour 20 20 15
Shields 15 15 20
Heavy Shields (30) 15

• Starting proficiencies

(x) Requires Class Trait


Burglar Captain Champion Guardian Hunter Lore-master Minstrel
Bows 20 30
Crossbows 20 30 20
Dual Wielding 10 20
Halberd 15
One-Handed Axes
One-Handed_Clubs 15
One-Handed Hammers 15
One-Handed Maces 15
One-Handed Swords
Spear 10 10 10 20
Two-Handed Axes 10 10
Two-Handed Clubs 10
Two-Handed Hammers 10 10
Two-Handed Staves
Two-Handed Swords 10 10

• Starting proficiencies