Fell Spirits

From Echoes of Angmar
Fell Spirits
Level 31
Type Fellowship
Repeatable No
Region Lone-lands
Quest-giver Emelin


The very waters of Agamaur have risen up to protect Ivar and the Red-maid, animated by fell spirits of Morgoth from beyond the world. The worst are shades of ancient Númenor, cursed by the Valar themselves.

Bestowal dialogue

'Do thou fear us? Thou should not. We have dwelt too long in this Middle-earth, where we should not. We have too long been without the rest which is the right of our kindred. Yet here we remain, shackled by a debt unpaid, an oath unfulfilled. Will thou aid us? 'In Garth Agarwen, fell spirits stir the waters of Agamaur and take form. Many are spirits from beyond the world, such as those that stir the wights, but the worst of them are the cursed spirits of mortal Men, Men of Númenor who committed a great act of evil against the Valar before Númenor fell and were cursed by the Valar themselves. 'Would thou aid us by destroying the darkwater?'


  1. There are darkwater in Garth Agarwen in the north of Agamaur. Emelin bemoaned the existence of the darkwater, whose terror withholds the advance of the shades of Arthedain, preventing them from fulfilling their curse. The shade-captain has asked you to remove the threat of the darkwater.
    • Defeat gloom-waters (x30)
  2. Emelin is in the southernmost part of the southern bog. The darkwater have the power to strike fear even within the cursed shades of Arthedain, preventing them from advancing on Garth Agarwen and fulfilling their curse. At Emelin's request, you went forth to destroy them and met with some success. You should return to Emelin with the report of your victory.
    • Talk to Emelin


Gold 36 Silver 40 Copper