Fell the Trolls

From Echoes of Angmar
Fell the Trolls
Level 37
Type Fellowship
Region North Downs
Quest-giver Silith


Silith is part of Gildor Inglorion's company and was sent to keep an eye on Fornost and the defenders of the Council of Esteldín. He is a good friend to Thaliollang and has brought North his hatred for trolls.

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings, good {CLASS}. I see that you, too, are here to watch over Angmar's army and make sure they do not proceed. I need your help, if I may take a moment of your time. 'The evil of Angmar has brought forth more trolls than I had ever wished to lay eyes on. I would hope that your help can be put to use. I no longer wish to see the waste that the trolls have laid on this land. Please rid us of their company. 'These creatures are abominations, undeserving of mercy.'


  1. Trolls can be found in Fornost, north of the Fornost camp. Silith has asked you to help protect the North Downs from the scourge of Angmar by slaying Angmar's trolls.
    • Defeat trolls(x20)
  2. Silith is at the Fornost camp, south of Fornost itself. Silith will be pleased to learn of your victory against the trolls of Angmar.


  • Longamath
Gold 40 Silver 60 Copper