From Echoes of Angmar


Helegrod is a large-scale, multi-boss raid that offers challenging high-level content for players. The entrance is located at the top of The Bitter Stair (17.9S, 2.2W), in the far northern reaches of the Misty Mountains. The raid is designed for 24 players of maximum level.


Helegrod is composed of four distinct wings: Spider Wing, Drake Wing, Giant Wing, and Dragon Wing. These wings provide a variety of challenges that require strategic cooperation and teamwork. In order to access the final wing and defeat the final boss Thorog players need to kill all bosses of the previous wings.


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
53 Coldbear Arch-nemesis Bear 0 147,552
51 Adhargal Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
51 Ansach Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
51 Breosal Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
51 Grisgart Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
53 Storvagun Arch-nemesis Giant-kind 7 215,000
52 Zaudru Arch-nemesis Spiders and Insects 6 140,000
54 Drugoth Arch-nemesis Ancient Evil 7 147,500
54 Thorog Arch-nemesis Dragon-kind 10 310,500