Misty Mountains

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Misty Mountains
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Level 40-45
Faction Misty Mountains factions
Quests Misty Mountains Quests
Deeds Misty Mountains Deeds
Resources T4-T5




Map of the Misty Mountains

The Misty Mountains are an untamed zone. Dwarven outposts are scattered through the heights, but they are few and far between. Those few outposts often find themselves cutoff, either by the environment, goblins, or beasts any seeking to make passage through the Misty Mountains should speak with Gloin at his camp just North of Cirith Imladris, the pass from Rivendell to the Misty Mountains.

Gloin's Camp

Once you pass through Cirith Imladris you will find a dwarven outpost. Gloin's camp is run by Gloin himself and a few other dwarves seeking to survey and tame the passes through the Misty Mountains.


Dividing North High Pass and South High Pass is the outpost of Hrimbarg. Any who reach these distant heights will find welcome shelter from the blizzards which all to frequently try to batter down the thick dwarven walls.


A small outpost in the North High Pass, Vindurhal provides refuge for dwarven forward scouts that are trying to map the goblin camps and track the forces arrayed against the Free Peoples.


Eastern Bruinen Source

Giant Halls


High Crag

North High Pass

Northern Bruinen Source

Western Bruinen Source


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