Ivar the Bloodhand

From Echoes of Angmar
Ivar the Bloodhand
Ivar the Bloodhand
Location Garth Agarwen
Level 34
Species Ancient Evil
Rank Elite Master
Max-health 17248
Max-power 2703

"A new wretch come to fill our ranks, my maiden. And by the smell of living flesh, your servant will be tested quickly."

Ivar the Bloodhand is a boss encountered within Garth Agarwen. He is a Gaunt-lord, a terrible creature from the First Age with the power to call the Dead into service.


Defeating Ivar can be quite a challenge, primarily attributed to the protective entourage of wights enveloping him. In his defense, Ivar commands two banner-wights that not only provide him healing but also bestow beneficial enhancements. To further complicate matters, he calls forth both melee and ranged wights to aid his cause. Even a fellowship of six level 35 players entering Ivar's area can find themselves overpowered unless swift action is taken to deal with his minions.