Garth Agarwen

From Echoes of Angmar

"Garth Agarwen . . . The ruins of an ancient fortress of Rhudaur, now overrun by corrupted nature and a vile necromantic power out of Angmar. The most terrible power still remains to be confronted."


Garth Agarwen is an six-player instance reached by traveling through the central part of Agamaur and is located in the central ruins.The entrance is located at 28.0S 25.2W


This is an outdoor instance, and most of the time the path is very linear.

In the initial area with Hill-Men, the path to take may seem confusing as it goes either north or south - head south through the ruins until you reach a double-gate. Move into the first gate at the same time as the rest of the fellowship, since it closes and locks everyone in until the mobs that spawn are defeated.

Temair the Devoted is the boss of the first section, and does not drop any significant loot.

In the second section, it's a whole lot of Wights and then Bog Stalkers. Proceed south through the Wight ruins and into the woods with Bog Stalkers. This part is actually fairly short.

Before going into the woods leading to Grimbark, the fellowship may choose to rescue Sara Oakheart, who is located a little farther into the Wight ruins. It should be noted that while the escort quest is not too hard, it leads all the way back to the main instance entrance.

Grimbark is the boss of the 2nd section.

In the next section, it's Hill-Men again. Proceed straight towards and up the large staircase, where you will encounter the next boss.

Edan and Esyld are just beyond the top of the staircase on the right, guarding the gate beyond.

Since the Garth Agarwen gate they were guarding cannot be opened without its respective key, the fellowship will have to backtrack all the way to the area with Wights after killing Edan and Esyld. There is a walled stone passage that leads to a gate which can be opened with the key that dropped off Edan and Esyld.

Ivar the Bloodhand is the boss that you face through this gate, and should prove to be a considerably difficult fight.

Once defeated, he drops the High Pass Gate Key and the Garth Agarwen Gate Key. Either proceed back to the ruins with hillmen and take the High Pass that can now be opened, or take the long, cleared way back to where Edan and Esyld were. Open the Garth Agarwen Gate with the key, and proceed to the right, fighting all the way up the hill to the gate. It opens once the fellowship nears.

Vatar lies in wait just beyond this gate.

Head through the gate that opened after defeating Vatar, and behold...

Naruhel, also known as the Red-Maid, is the final boss in the room just beyond. She is activated by carrying the item from the chest in Vatar's room onto her altar.


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
30 Temair the Devoted Elite Master Man 0 9,000
31 Grimbark Elite Master Creatures of Nature X 15,000
33 Edan and Esyld Elite Master The Dead 1-2 2 x 11,000
34 Ivar the Bloodhand Elite Master The Dead X 17,000
34 Vatar Elite Master The Dead 1 19,000
35 Naruhel Nemesis Man 4 24,000


Quest Name Quest Level Bestower Name
Grimbark's Reclamation 31 Goldberry
A Sister's Love 29 Dannasen
Reclaim the Lost Maiden 35 Dannasen
Vessel of Purity 29 Dannasen
The Shattered Past 33 Aric the Stone-speaker
Arthedain's Lost Brethren 32 Narthan
Fell Spirits 31 Emelin
Rings of Rhudaur 33 Radagast the Brown
Ivar the Bloodhand 34 Saeradan
Relics of Rhudaur 32 Elsa the Bold
Oakheart's Plight 32 Sara Oakheart


Check each boss for specific loot-tables.


Make sure to enter this instance with consumables(regen food, and hope buffs are very important!) Click on each boss above for more details.