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Locations within Middle-earth are laid out on a rectilinear coordinate system (along X and Y axes). The X-axis corresponds to East-West coordinates and the Y-axis to North-South. Players can display icons on their map for features in the Middle-earth landscape such as landmarks, stable-masters, milestones and mailboxes. The coordinates for these locations are shown when the player moves their mouse over the icon. The format of the coordinates are 00.0N, 00.0W. For example, the coordinates for the mailbox in Celondim are 28.2S, 92.1W.

Types of Locations

There are several types of locations found in Middle-earth:

  • Land - Middle-earth is divided into different lands, in Vol.1 Book 11 only Eriador is available.
  • Region - Regions are comprised of many different areas.
  • Area - Areas are comprised of different settlements, landmarks, and other natural places.
  • Settlement - Settlements range from large cities to small camps.
  • Landmark - Landmarks are places of interest; they include POIs (marked with flags) but are not limited to just those.
  • Interior - Interiors can be rooms or caves; they always have an entrance you must enter.
  • Instance - Instances are separate from the outside world; ranging from solo quest instances to full fellowship raids.

Location alias and command

Players can find their current coordinates by typing ;loc in any chat window. The ;loc command is a pre-programmed alias and therefore begins with a semicolon. The result of this alias is a set of North-South and East-West coordinates following the format described above. The coordinates will be displayed in the currently selected chat window. In order to avoid disturbing other people, players should send a tell to themselves with the ;loc alias. For example, the following command will send a tell to the character YourName with the player's current coordinates.

/tell YourName ;loc

A custom alias can be created and assigned to a Quickslot location for easier use. See alias for more information.