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Every region has a variety of settlements where you can rest and recuperate, clean out your inventory, purchase new adventuring supplies, purchase transport to other locations, and regroup with allies. Each location's amenities vary on the size and location.


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Map of Angmar

Angmar is the stronghold of the Witch King. Here he gathers his armies and prepares for war. For those that courageously take the fight to the shadow there are few areas of respite within the shadowed lands. Allies are scarce in this caustic land, hidden refuges of Rangers and the Free Peoples are all that stand against the might of the Shadow of Angmar and all its hosts of orcs, trolls, goblins, and hill-men. The truly courageous that find the will to venture into hostile territory will find great foes obstructing their path and be hard pressed to pierce the depths of Carn Dum, the towers of Barad Gularan, or the toxic haze of Imlad Balchorth. Take many mighty allies with you if you seek to explore Angmar with any hope of returning to civilized lands.


A settlement of hill-men, Aughaire is perched in the foothills separating Angmar and the North Downs.They remain independent of the Dark Lord and their brethren who have already sworn their service to Carn Dum, but they can not stay that way for long without aide.

Gath Forthnir

This hidden sanctuary is guarded by the Dúnedain and refuge to the Council of the North. Gath Forthnir is on the doorstep of Carn Dum and survives only by its secrecy as it spies on the Witch King's own fortress.


A stronghold of the Dwarves in Eastern Malenhad. Gabilshathûr is a newly founded mining outpost that finds itself beset by foes with the return of the Witch King. Tribesmen, Orcs, and the creatures of the swamp lay unceasing siege to the outpost.


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Map of Bree-Land

Bree-Land has several settlements, most are located in the center of the region and are inhabited Men and Hobbits predominantly.


See: Map of Archet

Just North of Bree, Archet rests on the Western edge of the Chetwood.This peaceful village has oft been considered one of the most peaceful areas in Eriador until recently.


See: Map of Bree

Bree or Bree-Town is the Capital city of the Bree-Land. All races are ushered to Bree upon completion of their starter areas. A crafting and social hub, Bree is veritable hive of activity. Don't forget to visit the Prancing Pony and taste the finest ale in the North.


Buckland is the ancestral home of the Brandybuck hobbits. Located just south of the Brandywine bridge on the Eastern shore of the Brandywine river. Brandy Hall is atop and within Buck Hill on the Southern end of Buckland and is home to an expansive library.


Combe is just outside Bree's Northeastern gate and sits in a valley between Bree and Archet. Home to the Combe and Wattle Inn and the Combe Crafting Hall, there is always opportunities for new adventurers passing through Combe.


South of Combe and East of Bree is the market village of Staddle. The many Hobbit farms of the Staddle supply Bree with fresh produce and are always in need of adventurers willing to help.

Ered Luin

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Map of Ered Luin

The Blue Mountains, as Ered Luin is known in Westron, are home to Dwarves, Elves and Goblins aplenty. From the mountain fastness of Thorin's Hall to the bustling vineyards and docks of Celondim there is much need for the strong backs and hearts of young adventurers.


The Docks of Celondim are on the western shore of the River Lune. The hills surrounding Celondim are flush with vineyards and lumberyards. Elven Craftsmen and trainers ply their trade within the town, and will pass their knowledge on to those who show ability and interest in their professions.


Built after the fall of Edhelion, Duillond sits above the bridge to the Shire. Contending with the brigands of the Dourhand Clan and the Goblins of Sarnur, the elves of Duillond struggle to gather the lumber for their White Ships.


The fortress at the center of Ered Luin was once an elven stronghold but after its abandonment during the fall of Edhelion it was rebuilt by the dwarves of Thorin's Hall. Gondamon is the linchpin of the Free Peoples defense in Ered Luin, all those who stand against the shadow are welcome within the fortress.


A secure outpost along the trade route from Thorin's Gate to Gondamon. Noglond acts as a resting place and resupply point for caravans making the dangerous trek past the ancient ruins of Sarnur.

Thorin's Hall

Capital city of the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains this great hall was founded by Thorin Oakenshield. Thorin's Hall is a marvel of dwarven craftsmanship, and is home to some of the great forgemasters of Middle Earth. Any who are in need of arms or armor woujld be well served by visiting the forges of Thorin's Hall and learning from the master smiths.


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Map of Evendim

Evendim is a land of wonders and monuments of an age past. On the shore of Lake Nenuial the kingdom of Arnor built its Capital of Annuminas. Now this once great land is place of constant skirmishes and desperate expeditions. The Rangers of the North battle to drive out the tomb raiders and minions of Angmar, as the servants of shadow strive to uncover priceless relics and artifacts in the ruins.


See: Map of Annuminas

Founded by Elendil the "Tower of the West" was once the shining jewel of the North. Now Annuminas is a battleground as Rangers try to reclaim the city from the hosts of Angmar. Any who wish to aid the Free Peoples will find ample opportunity in this ruined metropolis.


Sitting in the pass between the Shire and Evendim Oatbarton is an important trading hub. The Market and surrounding farms help to supply the Rangers with much needed foodstuffs and other goods. This town has need of aid though, as the Tomb Raiders threaten its environs and encroach on its farmlands.

Ost Forod

The Northern most outpost in Evendim, Ost Forod guards the path to Forochel. The Ruined outpost is only recently re-inhabited, it struggles to acquire much needed supplies for its survival and to stave off Tomb Raiders and wild beasts that threaten it.


The Island of Tinnundir acts as the secure staging area for the Rangers of the North and their allies. The docks allow for rapid transport of forces around Lake Nenuial, and allow for supplies to reach beleaguered forces in Annuminas.

Lone Lands

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Map of the Lone Lands

The Lone Lands were once ruled by the Kingdom of Rhudar, but now the fallen kingdom is but a memory to most travelers. These arid hills are home to roving bands of goblins and orcs, ensuring an eternal need for skilled adventurers and warriors. Ruins and monuments of long gone people litter the landscape tempting adventurous souls with potential treasures. This is a hard land for hard people. Many are those who think to make their fortune but do not realize the true danger they face upon leaving the sheltered forests of Bree-Land. Take with you trusted allies and heed the advice of the locals if you seek to walk the Great East Road, for it has been long days since that was a safe path for any other than the strong of arm and heart.

The Forsaken Inn

This last refuge on the Great East Road is way station for those few travelers who seek to make the arduous journey to the Trollshaws. Seek advice and supplies from the residents of the Forsaken Inn, and maybe even aid them and other adventurers to help clear the dangers of the road. Many seek their fortune in the ruins South of the inn, fighting goblins and wolves for long lost relics, while others struggle merely for survival under the threat of the orcs in the hills surrounding weathertop and closing the all trade through the Midgewater Pass.

Ost Guruth

Just off the beaten path are the ruins of Ost Guruth, once a stronghold of Arnor, now home to the Eglain. The Eglain are a group of Rangers who battle the descendants of Rhudar who seek to reestablish their kingdom. The Rangers battle through the marshes and mountains to hold this threat at bay. Aiding the rangers is the wizard Radagast the Brown He resides in the tower at the center of the ruins leading the Eglain against the twisted creatures and flora of Agamaur.

Misty Mountains

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Map of the Misty Mountains

The Misty Mountains are an untamed zone. Dwarven outposts are scattered through the heights, but they are few and far between. Those few outposts often find themselves cutoff, either by the environment, goblins, or beasts any seeking to make passage through the Misty Mountains should speak with Gloin at his camp just North of Cirith Imladris, the pass from Rivendell to the Misty Mountains.

Gloin's Camp

Once you pass through Cirith Imladris you will find a dwarven outpost. Gloin's camp is run by Gloin himself and a few other dwarves seeking to survey and tame the passes through the Misty Mountains.


Dividing North High Pass and South High Pass is the outpost of Hrimbarg. Any who reach these distant heights will find welcome shelter from the blizzards which all to frequently try to batter down the thick dwarven walls.


A small outpost in the North High Pass, Vindurhal provides refuge for dwarven forward scouts that are trying to map the goblin camps and track the forces arrayed against the Free Peoples.

North Downs

Map of the North Downs

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The North Downs were once The Heartlands of the Kingdom of Arthedain, one of three domains of Arnor. After the division of Arnor the Capital of Arthedain was moved from Annuminas to Fornost. These once prosperous lands lie under a shadow, ever since Fornost fell to the forces of Angmar, throughout the Fields of Fornost you will find the shades of oathbreakers haunting the battlefield where in ancient days they betrayed their king to serve the Witch King of Angmar. Rangers strive to tame these lands, but there are many strongholds of orcs, and angmarim that continue to pour forth from the North.


A hidden refuge of the Rangers, in the Eastern mountains of the North Downs. The Council of the North battles against the incursions from Angmar, and seeks to counterattack through the mountain passes to take the fight to the Witch King


Last capital of the North, Fornost lies in ruin, picked over by goblins, and foul creations of the Witch King. The Free Peoples struggle to cleanse this long lost city, and are in need of reinforcements.

Lin Giliath

Situated on the North side of Meluinen the Elven refuge of Lin Giliath struggles to hold the orcs of Nan Wathren and the Trolls of Dol Dinen at bay.


In the Western Mountains of Nan Amlug the dwarven mining outpost of Othrikar still ply's its trade.


On the North-South road from Bree-Land, Trestlebridge spans the chasm of Cirith Núr allowing trade to flow from Bree to the Council of the North.

The Shire

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Map of The Shire

The secluded hills and valleys of the Shire are peaceful and idyllic region. Rarely visited by men or elves, the Hobbits live undisturbed but by the occasional dwarf trader passing through. Unbeknownst to the hobbits though the Gandalf and the Rangers struggle unceasingly to maintain that peace for the hobbits.


The Northernmost town in the Shire, Brockenborings is the last stop on the Northway until you cross into the Bullroarer's Sward and reach Oatbarton


Just off the crossroads of the Northway and the Great East Road, Budgeford lies along the river Water. Primarily a swineherding town, it purportedly has as many pigs as hobbits in residence.


Widely known for its famous Green Dragon Inn, Bywater lies along the Southern shore of the river Water. This Village lays just outside Hobbiton and sees much trade along the East-West Road


A prime location for foraging mushrooms, Frogmorton gets its name from the large quantities of frogs that reside in the surrounding marshland.


A quaint town on across the river Water from Bywater, Hobbiton can be found in the shade of the famous Party Tree, and just down the hill from Bag End.

Michael Delving

Home of the Mayor's office and the Bounders, Michael delving is the unofficial capital of the Shire. anything you could possibly want, from pipeweed to roasted mutton can be found in this township.


The last town before the Tower Hills on the road to Ered Luin.


A small lumberjack village in the Bindbole Wood. Overhill lies alongside the road from Hobbiton to Brockenborings.


The small village of Scary is tucked into the hills west of the Brandywine, and home to one of the most important quarries in the Shire.


At the west end of the Brandywine Bridge, Stock stands out with its above ground homes instead of the more acceptable hobbit holes.


Home of the ferocious Took clan, Tuckborough is thought of as a place full of odd hobbits by the other denizens of the Shire.


More a large camp than an actual brick and mortar settlement, Waymeet is a large trading hub for caravans along the Great East Road.


Woodhall is a small settlement hidden in a forest dell along the eastern edge of the Green Hill Country.


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Map of the Trollshaws

The wild woods of the Trollshaws are not known for their civilization. Other than scattered outposts and camps most are best served by pushing on to Rivendell rather than seeking shelter among the gorges and moors of the Trollshaws.


See: Map of Rivendell

Past the end of the Great East Road and across the Fords of Bruinen lies the Elven refuge of Imladris. Home of Elrond Halfelven and many others, this beautiful sanctuary lies hidden in the Valley of Rivendell. The Last Homely House welcomes all travelers that make the treacherous journey to reach those hallowed halls. Lord Elrond can always be found in his Library ready and willing to offer wise counsel on any matter brought bfore him, or you may seek Bilbo Baggins in the Hall of Fire and hear his recounting of his own adventures.