Needlehole Watch

From Echoes of Angmar
Needlehole Watch
Level 6
Type Solo
Repeatable No
Region The Shire
Quest-giver Shirriff Smallburrow


Bestowal dialogue

Shirriff Robin Smallburrow: 'Welcome to Hobbiton. It's always nice to see new folk, and I think it's important to strengthen the bonds of friendship. I think you should call on Bounder Chubb in Needlehole and see if he has any work that needs doing. Needlehole has become such a busy place that it may require its own Shirriff soon! 'Needlehole is due north of Michel Delving, some distance past Little Delving, north-west of here. Don't be surprised if you find some dwarves there -- Needlehole is on the road to Ered Luin, and we've had more dwarf-traders coming through that way of late. 'You'll probably find Bounder Chubb on duty near the entrance to town.'


  1. Talk to Bounder Chubb


Gold 0 Silver 90 Copper