Putting Down the Dead

From Echoes of Angmar
Putting Down the Dead
Level 41
Type Fellowship
Region North Downs
Quest-giver Ranger Maedhrusc


Fornost is overrun with the shades of those who betrayed the North Kingdom at the Battle of Fornost, yet remain unrepentant, and other fell creatures of Angmar. Maedhrusc is concerned by the terror these creatures instill in the Rangers' allies.

Bestowal dialogue

'Hail and well met, good {RACE}. If I seem in a fell mood, I beg your pardon, but my heart is heavy. Fornost is overrun with the shades of Oathbreakers who are unrepentant and fell things of Angmar, and the terror of them saps the wills of the men and dwarves who have come to aid us. 'Perhaps you would lend aid to my troubled heart? If you would, enter Fornost and dispel the traitors, sending them to their final condemnation? Do this, and the terror of Fornost may be broken!'


  1. In order to dispel the terror of the Dead from the hearts of his allies, Maedhrusc has asked you to enter Fornost and deal with the shades and other other fell creatures which dwell there.
    • Defeat shades and dread-mists (x40)
  2. The sheer numbers of Angmar's foul minions was too great for you to defeat utterly, but your successes may be enough to hearten Maedhros and the alliance from the North Downs.


  • Maedhrusc's Mace
Gold 43 Silver 40 Copper