Reclaim the Lost Maiden

From Echoes of Angmar
Reclaim the Lost Maiden
Level 35
Type Fellowship
Region Garth Agarwen
Quest-giver Goldberry
Previous Quest A Sister's Love


The River-maiden Goldberry had instructed you to pour the pure water into the sanctum of the Red-maid's fortress, Garth Agarwen.

Bestowal dialogue

You must now enter the stronghold of the Red-maid at Garth Agarwen, as the River-maiden told you. Her sanctum is guarded beyond the walls of the mighty fortress. Men of Rhudaur still walk through the remains of their ancient home in service to the Red-maid and the Gaunt-lord Ivar. 'You must find your way into her sanctum, call her by some means, and then defeat her. She will fall into the water, and the water will become still. 'When this happens add the pure water graced by Goldberry's love to the pool. There are centuries of corruption and hatred layered upon the Red-maid but we must begin somewhere. May the Valar go with you, ${PLAYER}, for they have abandoned us.'


  1. The Red-maid is in her sanctum within her fortress of Garth Agarwen. Dannasen instructed you to obey Goldberry and take the pure water to the Red-maid's sanctum. Once there, he told you that you would have to defeat the Red-maid, and when the waters of her pool go still, to pour the water in.
    • Enter the Red-maid's sanctum when the water is calm
    • Use the pure water in the Red-maid's sanctum
  2. Dannasen is at the Eglain camp in Agamaur. You should return to Dannasen and tell him that you poured the pure water to the Red-maid's Sanctum.
    • Get Pure Water
    • Talk to Dannasen


Select one of: Gold 39 Silver 20 Copper 
5118 XP