Relics of Rhudaur

From Echoes of Angmar
Relics of Rhudaur
Level 32
Type Fellowship
Region Lone-lands
Quest-giver Elsa the Bold


The Eglain depends upon the trade of ancient relics for food and other necessities of life. Elsa believes that Garth Agarwen holds such a wealth of relics that her people will be sustained for many years.

Bestowal dialogue

I must thank you again for coming to our aid. I doubt we would have survived another assault by Ivar's creatures. Now, however, I must see to the survival of my people. 'As you know, the Eglain depend upon the trade of ancient relics for food and other necessities. I can think of no better place in these swamps to find the relics of the old kingdoms than Garth Agarwen. The wealth of relics there will sustain my people for years to come. Should you venture there, I would ask that you remain watchful for small trinkets. My people could make use of any you may find. 'This task, of course, would not go unrewarded. Be careful on your journeys, friend.'


  1. Garth Agarwen lies to the north-east of the Eglain's encampment. Elsa the Bold has asked you to pick up any small trinkets and relics you may find as you adventure within the walls of Garth Agarwen, promising a reward.
    • Search ruin-piles for relics (x10)
  2. Elsa the Bold is in the Eglain camp in the southern reaches of Agamaur. Elsa asked that you watch for relics of the ancient days as you ventured within Garth Agarwen. You found a good many, which she will be glad to receive.


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