The Darkness Within

From Echoes of Angmar
The Darkness Within
Level 42
Type Fellowship
Region Esteldin
Quest-giver Halbarad
Next Quest The Shadow Falls


Ranger-scouts reported that there were wraiths within the ruins of Fornost

Bestowal dialogue

'Word has come to me from our scouts outside the gates of Fornost that powerful wraiths have been seen within the city. I do not doubt the words of my men, and if these spirits are indeed who I believe them to be, there is a greater evil there that we have not yet perceived. 'These wraiths must be the spirits of the four traitors that aided Angmar in the downfall of the Kings' Norbury. In the last stand against the Enemy, a great treachery occurred and the gates of the city were thrown down. Legend tells that the men were bewitched by the Witch-king's champion, a woman named Amarthiel. If these wraiths are indeed these men they must be dealt with. 'I would ask that you visit Istuienn, who is learned in these matters. She may be able to assist you in finding some way of ending the threat of these new foes.'


  1. Istuienn can be found outside the library in Esteldín. Halbarad suggested that you speak with Istuienn, a lore-master of the Rangers. She might know how to defeat the wraiths of Fornost.
  2. The morgul-hilts are in the possession of the four wraiths within Fornost. Istuienn believes that you may be able to find and recover the hilts of the four morgul-blades discussed in Laerdan's text inside the ruins of Fornost.
  3. Istuienn is outside the library in Esteldín. You should bring the four morgul-hilts to Istuienn at once.


44 Gold 0 Silver 10 Copper