The Shattered Past

From Echoes of Angmar
The Shattered Past
Level 33
Type Fellowship
Repeatable No
Region Lone-lands
Quest-giver Aric the Stone-speaker
Previous Quest The Stone-speaker


Since the awakening of the evil in Agamaur, fell spirits have stirred the waters, taking the form of darkwater.

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah yes, greetings. The stones here speak to me and tell me of an ancient struggle that has played out here in the Lone-lands. On one side are cursed men, of the same lot as Emelin, doomed for their inaction. On the other side there is a..."Power", I suppose you could call it, who makes its home in Garth Agarwen. From what I can discern, these cursed men have tried to set to right what resulted from their inaction, yet have failed again and again. 'These men, these "shades," are not wholly evil, as you may know, and my heart is moved by their lot. I would like to help them set matters right, to help free them from their curse. Perhaps you could help with that? 'In recent days, fell spirits have stirred the waters of the swamps, taking the form of creatures called darkwater. They have appeared in great numbers in Garth Agarwen and driven out many of the shades. If you were to enter Garth Agarwen to defeat some of the darkwater there and bring their swords to me, I would display them and bolster the flagging resolve of these cursed men.'


  1. Darkwater can be found throughout Agamaur and Garth Agarwen, far to the north. Aric the Stonespeaker wishes to help the cursed men of Arthedain and has asked you to banish the darkwater found in Agamaur. He has also asked you to bring back their swords for him to display, to boster the flagging spirits of the cursed men.
    • Collect darkwater-swords(x15)
    • Bring the darkwater-swords to Aric the Stone-speaker


Gold 37 Silver 80 Copper 


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