The Trollshaws Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar


+2 Idealism Deeds in the Wilderness (Final) 30 Quests Trollshaws
+1 Innocence Deeds in the Wilderness 10 Quests Trollshaws
+1 Loyalty Deeds in the Wilderness (Advanced) 20 Quests Trollshaws


+1 Determination Crawler-Slayer (Advanced) Slayer The Trollshaws
+1 Discipline Trollshaws Wolf-Slayer (Advanced) The Trollshaws
+1 Fortitude Trollshaws Giant-Slayer (Advanced) 160 Giants The Trollshaws
+1 Mercy Trollshaws Wight-Slayer (Advanced) 240 Wights Trollshaws
+1 Valour Trollshaws Worm-Slayer (Advanced) 180 Worms Trollshaws
+1 Zeal The Trollshaws Troll-Slayer (Advanced) 160 Trolls Trollshaws


+1 Fidelity The Road to Rivendell Exploration The Trollshaws
+1 Tolerance Ruins of the Trollshaws Exploration Trollshaws
+1 Honesty The Wilds of Tâl Bruinen Explorer Trollshaws