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Titles are optional tags players can attach to their name to display their accomplishments. Titles can be earned through crafting, completing deeds, and social interactions. Only one title can be active at a time, but they can be displayed in conjunction with surnames and Kinship tags.

The first title you receive will be to display your character's heritage. Once you begin crafting you will be awarded titles coinciding with your mastery of that craft. Once you start adventuring further out into Middle Earth you will discover, and complete, deeds that will award you special titles depending on the tasks needed to complete them.

Race Titles

Race Titles are awarded upon completion of Character Creation. The title your character receives depends on the origin you chose during creation.


  • of the Blue Mountains - Your home is in Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains, where there had once been two great dwarf-kingdoms and where the kinsmen of Thráin and his son Thorin Oakenshield lived in exile after Smaug drove them from the Lonely Mountain.
  • of the Iron Hills - You come from the Iron Hills, settled by dwarves as a refuge from the Cold-drakes, and whence came Dáin Ironfoot, King under the Mountain, kinsman of the great Thorin Oakenshield.
  • of the Lonely Mountain - You hail from Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, where Smaug the Golden made his Lair until Thorin Oakenshield reclaimed it for his people. There does Dáin Ironfoot now rule as King under the Mountain.
  • of the Grey Mountains - You are from Ered Mithrin, the Grey Mountains, the chief of which is Mount Gundabad, from whence came Durin the Deathless, first Father of the Dwarves. Your kindred returned to the Mountains after the Dragons perished.
  • of the White Mountains - You are from the southwestern halls of Ered Nimrais, the White Mountains in the south bordering the lands of Andrast. Though your kingdom lies far from the central mountains where Men once dwelt, the rumor of the Oathbreakers has give your realm an ill name.


  • of Lindon - You hail from Lindon, the green lands of the Elves between Ered Luin and the Sea, where Gil-galad, the last great Elf-king, once ruled. Círdan the Shipwright now rules there from Mithlond, the Grey Havens.
  • of Lórien - You come from Lothlórien, the fabled golden woods whose Elves dwell high in the mallorn-trees and are ruled by Celeborn, wisest of the Eldar of Middle-earth, and the Lady Galadriel.
  • of Mirkwood - You are a Wood-elf of Mirkwood, once called Greenwood the Great, where King Thranduil keeps watch against the growing darkness of Dol Guldur, former stronghold of Sauron in his guise as the Necromancer.
  • of Rivendell - You hail from Imladris, called Rivendell by Men, built by Elrond Halfelven as a refuge for the Elves of Eregion as they fled destruction at the hands of Sauron.
  • of Edhellond - You are of the Nandor of Edhellond, the great Elf-haven in the south built by Amroth at the Mouths of Anduin.


  • of the Fallohides - Lovers of trees and woodlands, the Fallohides were the first hobbits to come to the Shire. They generally tend to be fairer of skin and hair, as well as taller and more slender.
  • of the Harfoot - The Harfoots are the most prodigious hole-dwellers and were the first to cross west into Eriador. They generally tend to be browner of skin than the other kindreds, as well as smaller and shorter.
  • of the Stoors - The Stoors were the last of the hobbit kindreds to come to the Shire, settling at last in the eastern marshlands of the Shire. They generally tend to be heavier and broader of build than the other kindreds.


  • of Gondor - You hail from the land of Gondor, the South Kingdom once ruled conjointly by the sons of Elendil, Isildur and Anárion, ever-watchful against the looming threat of Mordor.
  • of Rohan - You are one of the Horse-lords of the Riddermark, the realm granted to Eorl the Young by Cirion, Steward of Gondor, currently ruled by Théoden, Son of Thengel.
  • of Dale - You come from the Dale-lands in the northeast of Middle-earth, beneath the Lonely Mountain, where Bard the Bowman slew the dragon Smaug and fought in the Battle of Five Armies.
  • of Bree-land - You grew up in Bree-land, once part of the North Kingdom of Arnor, once ruled by Elendil the Tall as High King of Middle-earth, and later by his elder son Isildur. Now it is but a simple, rustic land, and the North Kingdom is no more.

Crafting Titles

Every profession follows the same template for their titles (e.g. Master Apprentice Prospector or Journeyman Woodworker)

Tier Basic Mastery
1 Apprentice Master Apprentice
2 Journeyman Master Journeyman
3 Expert Master Expert
4 Artisan Master Artisan
5 Master Grand Master

Most Professions require you to complete a crafting quest before moving up a tier. The only professions that don't require quests to advance your crafting are Foresters, Prospectors, and Farmers.

Deed Titles

Deed Titles are unlocked upon completion of a Deed. Completing the first tier of a Slayer Deed unlocks a title; completing the second tier provides a virtue reward, such as Confidence or Wisdom.



  • Bane of the Orcs - Numbering in the tens of thousands, Orcs have long formed the mainstay of the Enemy's armies. You long ago lost count of how many of these foul creatures have fallen before you - and yet their numbers seem undiminished.
    • Slay 150 Orcs.
  • Bane of Trolls - The trolls of Angmar are the deadliest of all you have faced. Wielding arms and armour from the forges of the Enemy and possesed of a cruel cunning, even great heroes have fallen before their might.
    • Slay 100 Trolls.
  • Destiny of the Accursed - Angmar hosts a dread valley of spirits enthralled to the power of the Witch-king, and they do his bidding in his absence. There are few places in all Middle-Earth that inspire such dread as those halls - the Orcs and goblins give it wide breadth, while only the most fanatical of the Angmarim will enter to perform dark rites therein.
    • Slay 150 Wights.
  • Doom of the Angmarim - These evil Men wield terrible powers granted them by their Dark Lord -- but such magic will avail them as you pursue them into the deepest corners of their great strongholds in the north.
    • Slay 150 Angmarim.
  • Lord of Fangs - The dreadful Wargs raised within the kennels of Angmar have known no other masters - until now. Still, it seems they are not about to let you pet them.
    • Slay 150 Wargs.
  • Warlord of Angmar - The mighty Uruk form the elite forces of the armies of Angmar. Having defeated so many of their kind in battle, your name now commands a certain respect - and even deeper emnity - among their ranks.
    • Slay 100 Uruks.
  • Weird of the Worms - Mishaphen half-children of the great Dragons of old, the Worms of Angmar possess a fair portion of their elder brood's power and cunning. Yet you have overcome their powers and proven their match.
    • Slay 150 Worms.
  • Sage of Rhudar - Seven swords have been stolen from Krúslë Lannan and must be returned to their proper resting place.
    • Return the seven lost swords to Nethraw.


  • Bane of the Barrows - The Wights of the Barrow-downs no longer hold any terror for you. Now you just find them deeply unsettling.
    • Slay 30 wights.
  • Barrow-downs Hunter - You have pursued and slain many of the Barghest who haunt the Barrow-downs.
    • Slay 30 barghest.
  • Brood-hunter - The evil spider Gwigon has made its lair amongst the twisting barrow of Haudh Iarchith and there his brood multiplies, save for your efforts to exterminate them.
    • Slay 150 Barrow-spiders in Haudh Iarchith.
  • Defender of Bree-land - You have proven your mettle against the Orcs who have invaded northern Bree-land.
    • Slay 30 orcs.
  • Executioner of the Wicked - Amongst the rotting horror of Haudh Iarchith, a gathering of corrupt and evil entities holds sway over a dark court - or at least, they did, before you found and destroyed them.
    • Slay the six bosses in Haudh Iarchith.
  • Fly-swatter - People may snicker, but how many of them had to fight one of those giant bloodsuckers?
    • Slay 30 sickle-flies.
  • Grave-digger - So many corpses have clawed up from their graves amongst the labyrinthine barrows of Haudh Iarchith, that it seems you have more need of a shovel than a sword.
    • Slay 150 Barrow-wardens in Haudh Iarchith.
  • Nemesis of the Fallen - Many fallen spirits roam the dark tunnels of Haudh Iarchith, yet if there is anything that they might fear amongst the living, it is you.
    • Slay 100 Barrow-spirits in Haudh Iarchith.
  • Pie-eating Champion - You won a pie-eating contest.
    • Eat 6 pies in 30 seconds at the Festival Grounds.
  • Root-hewer - You've proven a match for the rotten hatred the trees of the Old Forest hold for the two-footed folk of Middle-earth.
    • Slay 20 awakened trees in the Old Forest.
  • Shell-Breaker - Who would ever have thought that Neeker-breekers could grow that big?
    • Slay 30 neekerbreekers.
  • Spider-Foe - Spiders have become quite a threat of late in Bree-land, but your prowess against them is well known.
    • Slay 30 spiders.
  • Watcher of Roads - The folk of Bree-land hail your efforts to protect the roads from roving bandits.
    • Slay 30 brigands.

Ered Luin

  • Avenger of Sarnúr - An alliance of enemies plots against Ered Luin from within the ancient ruins of Sarnúr, as the traitorous Dourhand seek to bring an array of forces to bear against their hated cousins the Longbeards - luckily, your excursions into the ruins have resulted in the deaths of many of their leaders.
    • Slay the 6 bosses in Sarnur.
  • Betrayer's Bane - The Dourhand brigands have established a stronghold within the ancient ruins of Sarnur, but your battles against them have thinned their numbers and weakened their hold on it.
    • Slay 150 Dourhands in Sarnur.
  • Defender of the Halls - The Dourhands have proven a sore thorn in the side of Durin's folk, having lost the respect and trust of their kin.
    • Slay 30 Brigands.
  • Feather-foe - Unlike the noble Eagles, the crooked Hendrovail are used as spies for dark masters across many Lands -- Ered Luin included.
    • Slay 30 Hendrevail.
  • Guardian of Ered Luin - Ancestral foes of Dwarf and Elf alike, goblins again challenge the lands of Ered Luin, but you stand ready to defy them.
    • Slay 30 Goblins.
  • Master of Beasts - A number of vicious and corrupt beasts reside within the ruins of Sarnur, and they have fallen under the sway of the Dourhands and their allies. Your will and strength has mastered these vermin nevertheless.
    • Slay 150 Beasts in Sarnur.
  • Troll-kicker - Pending.
    • Slay 100 Snow-trolls in Sarnur.
  • Web-slasher - Spiders have long lurked in all the dark corners of Middle-earth, but those in Ered Luin, at least, have reason to fear you.
    • Slay 30 Spiders.
  • Wolf-tamer - Driven down from the frozen north, wolves are a constant challenge to all those who live in Ered Luin, but your prowess has proven their master.
    • Slay 30 Wolves.


  • Bane of the Kergrim - Thus far you have laid waste to the deadly Kergrim and have not yet fallen prey to their vicious claws. Should the day come when you make a mistake in battle against them, not even your bones will be left for others to mourn.
    • Slay 120 Kergrim.
  • Enemy of the Giants - The Stone-giants inhabiting the hills above Evendim have come to call you their foe, and they plan for the day when they might have their vengeance upon you.
    • Slay 80 Giants.
  • Goblin-foe - The goblins and the strange little boggarts that creep about the fringes of Evendim have learned to give you wide berth if they value their lives at all.
    • Slay 90 Goblins.
  • Keeper of Mysteries - You have encountered many of these strange lights in the lands of Evendim, where great battles were fought in years long past. Though you have learned that they may be dispelled through force, you feel no closer to understanding their nature or purpose.
    • Slay 120 Limrafn.
  • Quencher of Flames - The salamanders of Evendim have tried time and again to destroy you, to no avail as their fire flickers and dims before your might.
    • Slay 120 Salamanders.
  • Slayer of the Gauredain - The savage Gauredain have learned to respect your strength, and perhaps even fear you -- if they ever allowed themselves to show fear in battle.
    • Slay 120 Gauredain.
  • Tomb-warden - You have slain a great many of the tomb-robbers that threaten the burial places of the Kings of Annuminas.
    • Slay 120 Tomb-robbers.


  • Bog-hunter - From whence came these slimy horrors that now plague the lone-lands, few know, but it is believed they were not always creatures of evil.
    • Slay 60 bog-lurkers.
  • Champion of the Lone-lands - Without your strength, it seems likely the Lone-lands would be overrun with orcs by now.
    • Slay 60 orcs.
  • Goblin-hewer - No matter how many goblins you kill, the Lone-lands just seems to become overrun with yet more of them.
    • Slay 60 goblins.
  • Enemy of the Dead - Wights are the remains of Men who have been inhabited by fell spirits out of Angmar and Rhudar. Sent forth in ages past by the Witch-king of Angmar.
    • Slay 60 wights.
  • Spider-Bane - The Lone-lands, too, are infested by these eight-legged horrors. Each stronger than the last -- Yet still they fall before you!
    • Slay 60 spiders.
  • Troll-Beater - These beasts mostly inhabit the southern swamps within the Lone-lands, and have long been a source of fear and loathing by those travellers who seek the roads further east.
    • Slay 60 trolls.
  • Warg-hunter - Along with the goblins, Wargs have come to the Lone-lands. They'll not have free run as long as you stand against them!
    • Slay 60 wargs.
  • Wing-cutter - Crebain have become as common in recent years, as the foul birds from the south infested many lands in the north. Rumours that some of these ill-tempered birds may have been trained to serve the forces of Mordor do little to increase your appreciation of them.
    • Slay 80 crebain.

Misty Mountains

  • Bane of Titans - You'd thought these great creatures must be legend and myth when you were told stories of them by your parents. Not any more. Their strength is as great as their size, and their bravery that of a creature that knows it is unmatched. Nevertheless, the valour of you and your companions has laid many of these titans low in battle.
    • Slay 80 Giants.
  • Bear-wrestler - You've heard that the giants sometimes breed the largest bears as pets - and that wouldn't surprise you. They grow them big here in the Misty Mountains - really big.
    • Slay 120 Bears.
  • Beast-hunter - The Snow-beasts that inhabit the Misty Mountains are odd creatures. You'd only heard vague tales of them before you came there, and most people would consider them myths, but you've fought enough of them to be quite sure they are real. Where they may have come from is anyone's guess. Perhaps the Enemy found them far in the distant North somewhere, beyond the boundaries of Man or Elf.
    • Slay 120 Snow-beasts.
  • Vanquisher of Trolls - As if the biting cold in the Misty Mountains wasn't bad enough, it seems to have given rise to a particularly unpleasant breed of troll. These creatures thrive in the ice and frost, and they lurk here waiting to crush and devour any traveller unlucky enough to stumble upon them.
    • Slay 80 Trolls.
  • Warg-hunter - Where there are goblins there are Wargs, and the Misty Mountains are no exception. Tempered by the deadly cold and harsh conditions, these Wargs have become particularly vicious and deadly but you've found them to be passable opponents at best.
    • Slay 120 Wargs.
  • Worm-bane - It is said that worms have long lived in the far north, among the desolate and frozen wastes. Alas, it seems only natural then that as the gates of Angmar have been laid open that they should have unleashed many of the creatures into the frozen peaks of the Misty Mountains, there to breed and to terrorize any who attempt the dangerous passage.
    • Slay 120 Worms.

North Downs

  • Cleaver of Goblins - The goblins have retaken deep delvings carved into the hills of the North Downs, inhabiting them in great droves. While they have learned to fear your name, you don't seem to have made much of a dent in their numbers.
    • Slay 90 Goblins.
  • Foe of Night - Long ago many princes and warriors of the Dunedain fell upon the Fields of Fornost - you cannot say if these horrors are them, but either way you've returned many of them to the peace of the grave.
    • Slay 90 Shades.
  • Hero of the North Downs - Most of the residents of the North Downs have been driven away by the orcish incursion, but those few who remain now herald your name as their saviour against these brutish invaders.
    • Slay 90 Orcs.
  • Troll-hewer - Trolls - they are among the strongest and perhaps the least intelligent of the servants of the Enemy. Now it seems that these inhuman giants wander the North Downs at will, or would, if you did not stand against them!
    • Slay 60 Trolls.
  • Warg-foe - Anywhere goblins can be found, you'll likely encounter wargs. Thanks to your valiant efforts there are fewer of them in the North Downs however.
    • Slay 90 Wargs.
  • Worm-slayer - Legend has it that the Enemy spent long ages devising the great breed of Dragons that have bedeviled Middle Earth. Worms are among the lesser forms that were discarded along the way - but they are still deadly foes, and more common than their greater kin.
    • Slay 90 Worms (includes Ram Dúath).

The Shire

  • Bounders-friend - The bounders of The Shire look on you kindly for your help in dealing with the recent brigand troubles.
    • Slay 30 brigands.
  • Crop-saviour - The harvest-flies are more of a threat to the crops than to the folk of the Shire, but the farmers are thankful for your efforts to exterminate them.
    • Slay 30 harvest-flies.
  • Fur-cutter - Just as in olden days, wolves again threaten the Shire, but you have taught them a lesson they'll not soon forget.
    • Slay 30 wolves.
  • Honourary Sherrif - You have aided the Bounders of the Shire greatly, and been granted the title of Honourary Sherrif.
    • Complete The Life of a Bounder (final).
  • Pie-Runner Helping Holly Hornblower has honoured her and hastened hungry hobbits into happy hobbits.
    • Return all of the spoiled pies to Holly Hornblower.
  • Protector of the Shire - It has been long since the brood of Golfimbul endangered the folk of the Shire, but they will have to make it past you first.
    • Slay 30 goblins.
  • of the Quick Post - For your help to the Quick Post, Postmaster Proudfoot has declared you an official postman.
    • Complete all of the Quick Post delivery routes in The Shire.
  • Shire Brewmaster - An expert in the beers and ales of the Shire.
    • Complete all five ale-quests for the tavernkeepers.
  • Slug-squasher - You're not sure that this was the title you were looking for when you set out on the path of an adventurer...
    • Slay 30 slugs.
  • Spider-sting - Like so many places in Middle-earth, the Shire has seen a recent infestation of dangerous spiders, but they have learned to fear your sting!
    • Slay 30 spiders.
  • Servant of Process - Let it be known to all Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits (hereinafter 'the Free Peoples') that Will Tuffin, being of suitable age and discretion and found within the boundaries of the Shire, has been served with process in accordance with applicable law and with all due diligence by the bearer of this title. The complainant, Hob Hillbrow, seeks reasonably foreseeable damages as well as exemplary damages, if it please the Court. Respectfully submitted by a servant of process in the case.
    • Complete Quest: "A Formal Complaint for Hob Hillbrow".


  • Chitin-smasher - And here you'd thought nothing could be worse than the bugs in Midgewater. These many legged horrors have changed your mind on the matter, but not stopped your battle to protect Middle-earth.
    • Slay 120 Crawlers.
  • Giant-slayer - It took more than a flyswatter to bring down so many of these prodigious foes - a feat for which you are rightly renowned.
    • Slay 80 Giants.
  • Tail-cleaver - The wolves that inhabit the Trollshaws are among the most wild and powerful of that breed. Serving neither Man nor Goblin, these wolves prey upon any foolish enough to venture into their territory - save for you.
    • Slay 120 Wolves.
  • the Purifier - Even the Elves of Rivendell claim not to know whence the horrid wights infesting the Trollshaws came from. Nevertheless you have forced many of them back into the earth from which they escaped.
    • Slay 120 Wights.
  • Troll-slayer - These lands weren't named the Trollshaws without good reason. You've certainly found no shortage of the brutes to test your mettle against!
    • Slay 80 Trolls.
  • Worm-carver - Where could so meny of these terrible beasts have been hidden away? The wastes of the far North, or buried beneath the Gates of Angmar? It doesn't really matter where they came from, so long as you strive to drive them from the lands of Middle Earth.
    • Slay 90 Worms.



  • the Wary - You have reached 5th level without being defeated in battle.
  • the Undefeated - You have reached 10th level without being defeated in battle.
  • the Indomitable - You have reached 14th level without being defeated in battle.
  • the Unscathed - You have reached 17th level without being defeated in battle.
  • the Undying - You have reached 20th level without being defeated in battle.


  • the Unwise - Eat a Barrow-bree, dropped randomly from Wights in the Men of Bree reputation barrow.
  • Breakfast Connoisseur - Eat 9 Eggs and Onions, 9 Complete Hobbit Breakfast, 9 Delicious Crispy Bacon, & 9 Hobbiton Omelet.
  • Carnivore - Eat 3 Roast of Heroes, 3 Roast Pork, 3 Pork Sausage, 3 Pork Chops, 3 Delicious Crispy Bacon, 3 Steak & Kidney Pie, 3 Coney Pie, 3 Coney Stew, 3 Beef Stew, 3 Salted Beef Delights, 3 Roasted Chicken, & 3 Delicious Steak. Roast of Heroes is only available as a quest reward
  • Pie Maven - Eat 7 Steak & Kidney Pies, 7 Mushroom Pies, 7 Coney Pies, 7 Perfect Pies, & 7 Spiced Apple Pies.
  • Vegetarian - Eat 6 Fried Mushrooms, 6 Mushroom Pies, 6 Cooked Carrots, 6 Stuffed Cabbage, 6 Vegetable Medley, & 6 Ultimate Carrot Cake.

Social Titles


  • the Adorable - Receive 100 /hug emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Alluring - Receive 100 /flirt emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Befuddling - Receive 100 /confused emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Beloved - Receive 100 /kiss emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Dull - Receive 100 /bored emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Harassed - Receive 100 /beg emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Helpful - Receive 100 /thank emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Infuriating - Receive 100 /angry emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Insulted - Receive 200 /rude emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Intimidating - Receive 40 /cower emotes. This can only be incremented 2 times per day.
  • the Naughty - Receive 100 /scold emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Ridiculed - Receive 100 /mock emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day.
  • the Victorious - Receive 40 /surrender emotes. This can only be incremented 2 times per day.


Once a Kinship reaches rank 3 (existing for three days) titles associated with their ranks become available. The titles depend on the type of kinship chosen by the founder upon creation.

Rank Dwarf kinship Elf kinship Hobbit kinship Race of Man kinship Mixed
Founder Father Brandir Founder Founder Founder
Leader Lord Tûr Leader Master Leader
Officer Seneschal Caun Chief Provost Officer