From Echoes of Angmar

Deeds are tasks which reward the character with a title, trait, or skill. There are several different categories of Deeds.


Class deeds are unlocked by using your character's skills. Beginning when you get the Novice characteristic, using some skills will unlock deeds which track your use of the skill and grant a class trait once you have used it a certain number of times.

Race & Social

Racial deeds are unlocked by battling creatures which are most hated by your race, once you get your Adept characteristic. Defeating enough of those creatures will complete that deed and grant you a racial trait.

Social deeds involve being the target of another player's emotes (like /hug or /crazy). They reward either a title or a special emote (e.g. fire breathing).


Regional deeds can involve performing quests, discovering locations, or simply defeating creatures that are grouped within that region. Most regional deeds reward either a title or a virtue.