Untangled Webs

From Echoes of Angmar
Untangled Webs
Level 8
Type Solo
Repeatable No
Region The Shire
Quest-giver Shirriff Robin Smallburrow
Previous Quest Finding the Nest
Next Quest Web-cutter


Bestowal dialogue

'Now we have to find a way through the webs that are blocking the spider-nest you found. Those webs are too tough and sticky to cut through, and we can't burn them without setting the whole wood afire. 'Fortunately, I think I know who can help us. Gammer Boffin up in Overhill is a wise, old lady who knows all kinds of things about herbs and such. I think she'll be able to brew up something to help us deal with those webs. Her home is in the middle of Overhill. 'Perhaps with old Gammer's help, we'll be able to deal with the spider-nest in the woods.'


  1. Gammer Boffin can be found at her home at the centre of Overhill. Shirriff Smallburrow has sent you to Overhill to speak with Gammer Boffin, an old hobbit with a great knowledge of herb-lore. Robin believes she might know of something to help clear the spider-webs away.
  2. Slugs can be found in Rushock Bog, west of Overhill. Gammer Boffin is at her home in the middle of Overhill. Robin Smallburrow was sure that Gammer Boffin would know of some mixture that might help remove the webs blocking the spider-nest in Bindbole Wood. You went to Overhill and spoke with Gammer, who sent you to collect six drams of slug-slime.


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