Vessel of Purity

From Echoes of Angmar
Vessel of Purity
Level 29
Type Fellowship
Region Lone-lands
Quest-giver Dannasen
Previous Quest Chapter 8:The Red-pass
Next Quest A Sister's Love


Bestowal dialogue

'Perhaps thou have heard whispers of the Red-maid? She was once an innocent creature, but was twisted long ago by the war which raged between Angmar and the North Kingdom. Now the very land has fallen to the Red-maid's pain. To heal that pain, we must first bring innocence and beauty to her sanctum. 'Before her fall, the Red-maid would use an urn to calm the water. The urn is in the west guarded by Ivar's minions. 'Retrieve the urn, then travel to the south-eastern most part of Agamaur. There, seek out a natural altar...thou will know it when thou see it, for the wretched darkwater will guard it in force. Fill the urn with water from that place and return to me.'


  1. The urn is in the south-western part of Agamaur. The shade Dannasen has asked you to recover the Red-maid's urn, fill it with water from an ancient, natural altar, and bring it back to him.
  2. The altar is in the south-eastern part of Agamaur. Fill the urn you collected with water from the area surrounding a natural altar guarded by darkwater.
  3. Dannasen is at the Eglain camp, north-west of the Red-maid's altar. Now that you have filled the urn with water from the area surrounding the altar, you should return to Dannasen.
    • Get The Filled Urn of Agamaur
    • Speak with Dannasen


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