Collecting History

From Echoes of Angmar
Collecting History
Level 23
Type Fellowship
Region Bree-land
Quest-giver Newbold Leafcutter
Previous Quest Ruins of Cardolan


Bestowal dialogue

Greetings again, adventurer. I have been studying this journal you brought me from the Barrow-downs and have learned much more since last we spoke. 'I would ask one last favour of you. This journal that you found for me contains a vast amount of knowledge. Through it, I have learned that the Men of Cardolan buried many relics with their dead -- it may be that some of these things may be made to help defend against such creatures as the barrow-wights. 'The journal speaks of chalices that were buried in the Great Barrow itself. I wonder if you could go there and gather some for me. I am sure there are many of them deep inside the catacombs of the Great Barrow.


  1. The Great Barrow is at the heart of the Barrow-downs, south of the Great East Road, west of Bree. Newbold Leafcutter has asked you to gather ancient chalices from the Great Barrow located in the heart of the Barrowdowns.


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