Ruins of Cardolan

From Echoes of Angmar
Ruins of Cardolan
Level 18
Type Fellowship
Repeatable No
Region Bree-land
Quest-giver Newbold Leafcutter
Previous Quest Return to the Barrow-downs
Next Quest Collecting History


Bestowal dialogue

'We've but one last hope for learning both what became of the Men of Cardolan and how the Barrow-downs became home to such fell creatures. Unfortunately, the answer lies in the Downs. 'The lore fragments you brought me mention a fortress named Ost Gorthad. The Men of Cardolan took many of those who fell sick to the Plague there. The ruins of that fortress still stand today and if we are fortunate, some lore from those times may be preserved in those ruins! 'If you are willing, return to the Barrow-downs and make your way to the ruins of Ost Gorthad in the south. There, search for an ancient chest, where parchments or scrolls might have survived all these long years.'


  1. You may find a chest in the ruins of Ost Gorthad in the south Barrow-downs. Newbold Leafcutter waits for you beyond the High Bridge at the southern end of the Upper Way in Bree. Newbold Leafcutter has asked you to search the ruins of Ost Gorthad for an ancient chest. He hopes that lore from the Men of Cardolan may have survived the long years since the Great Plague in such a chest. If you find such lore, you should bring it to Newbold.
    • Bring the ancient journal to ${NOS}
    • Search the ruins for an ancient chest


Gold 3 Silver 20 Copper