From Echoes of Angmar

The Cook Profession: Nourishing the Adventurer Within

The Cook profession in Echoes of Angmar is an accessible and gratifying one. It's all about preparing various foods, which offer buffs to players who consume them. The profession is easy to start, and the required materials for the Apprentice tier can be found in the crafting area around town ovens.

Getting Started with Cooking

Once you select your vocation, you will receive some cooking supplies, though superior crafting tools can be bought from a Novice Cook or Supplier. When ready to begin cooking, set yourself near an oven. A Novice Cook can supply many recipe ingredients.

Sourcing Ingredients

Certain recipes require fruits and vegetables, which can be grown by players with the Farming profession. As a Cook, if you team up with a Hunter who can make a campfire, it can help you cook trail foods more cost-effectively. You can still prepare advanced cooking ingredients or cooked foods even if a Hunter isn't available.

Buffs from Cooked Food

Eating food items bestow players with buffs. Cooked foods can enhance Morale and Power Regeneration out of combat and may provide an in-combat Morale or Power replenishment buff. Trail Foods typically enhance your Agility, Might, or Vitality. The strength of the buff depends on the food's level and quality. Superior foods, made from a critical success while executing a recipe, yield better buffs. Note, you can only produce a critical success once you have mastered the tier, and the default chance for this is 5%.

Locations of Cooks and Ovens

You can find Novice Cooks in Michel Delving, Buckland, Bree, and Combe. Ovens are plentiful, but not all have cooks nearby. Expert Cooks reside in Esteldin in the North Downs and Michel Delving in The Shire.

Earning Crafting Experience

When you start as a Cook, making mushroom pies can quickly earn you crafting experience points. You need a pie crust (which you make), a common mushroom, and a fresh carrot. To make the pie crust, you need coarse flour, chicken egg, lard, and water, purchasable from a Novice Cook. If you are also a Farmer, you can harvest carrots; if not, you can buy them. Making 15 pie crusts and then 15 mushroom pies should complete Tier 1. To advance further, you must complete a quest available from the Novice Cook. This is the first of several quests that will enable you to ascend the culinary ranks.