Foray into the Barrow-downs

From Echoes of Angmar
Foray into the Barrow-downs
Level 16
Type Solo
Repeatable No
Region Bree-land
Quest-giver Newbold Leafcutter
Next Quest Return to the Barrow-downs


Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings! Do you have a moment? I've lived a long time here in Bree-land, but in my long life I've never taken the time to learn the land's history. Now, near the end of my days, I find I want to know what came before. 'I've decided to begin me learning with the Barrow-downs. I remember tromping over those hills as a lad and seeing some of those barrows had fallen into a ruin. I remember lots of broken stones, covered in rune-letters, littering the ground, especially near "The Dead Spire." I'd love a few of those rune-stones. 'Interested in bringing me, say, three of the stone fragments from near the Dead Spire? Perhaps we can both learn a bit of history.'


  1. The Dead Spire lies due south of the northern entrance to the Barrow-downs. Newbold Leafcutter waits for you beyond the High Bridge at the southern end of the Upper Way in Bree. Newbold Leafcutter wants you to gather rune-marked stone fragments from near the Dead Spire, then return to him in the Upper City of Bree.


Gold 2 Silver 15 Copper