Return to the Barrow-downs

From Echoes of Angmar
Return to the Barrow-downs
Level 16
Type Solo
Repeatable No
Region Bree-land
Quest-giver Newbold Leafcutter
Previous Quest Foray into the Barrow-downs
Next Quest Ruins of Cardolan


Bestowal dialogue

'It seems to me the only way to solve the mystery of these wights is to uncover more lore. Unfortunately, the only place such lore can be found hereabouts is in the Barrow-downs itself! 'I hate to ask this of you, but would you return to the Barrow-downs and search for this lore? Such things go far beyond an old man's idle interests. It may well aid Bree! 'Here, take this pick-axe. This time, you will have to dig for the lore. The axe's tip has been blunted, so your digging shouldn't cause any damage to any fragments you uncover. Try digging at the entrances to the barrows of Taradan, Orron and Ringdor. I believe those barrows lie in the north of the Barrow-downs.'


  1. The barrows of Taradan, Orron and Ringdor lie in the north Barrow-downs. Newbold has told you that you should dig at the entrances to the barrows of Taradan, Orron and Ringdor. To help in your digging, he has given you a blunted pick-axe to use. This tool will help prevent any damage the digging may cause to any lore fragments you uncover.
  2. Newbold Leafcutter waits for you beyond the High Bridge at the southern end of the Upper Way in Bree. Your digging at the barrows of Taradan, Orron and Ringdor has uncovered three fragments of lore, written on scraps of parchment. You should bring these fragments to Newbold Leafcutter in Bree.


Gold 2 Silver 15 Copper