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The Red-Maid
The Red-Maid
Location [[]]
Level 35
Species River Maid
Rank Nemesis
Max-health '
Max-power '

The Red-Maid serves as the corrupted sister to Goldberry. A formidable level 35 Nemesis, she stands as the final encounter within Garth Agarwen. Her malevolent influence extends over the entire region, contributing to the corruption plaguing not only Garth Agarwen but also Agamaur and its surroundings.


Accessing the inner sanctum of the Red-Maid require you to first overcoming her guardian, the Wight-Lord Vatar. Naruhel reserves her direct involvement until four waves of opponents have been defeated:

Wave 1 - Six Gloom-Waters, each boasting around 1,900 morale.
Wave 2 - Encounter 5-6 Creoth Initiates, each with approximately 900 morale.
Wave 3 - Another 5-6 Creoth Initiates.
Wave 4 - Next up, 4 Malicious Gloom-Water (level 32 Elite), each boasting 4,700 morale.
Upon defeating all waves, the Red-Maid proceeds to summon an additional trio of Malicious Gloom-Water, thereby personally engaging the fellowship.


  • Unleashes a ~15-foot AOE Knockback, spanning a considerable range.
  • Regularly employs the Watery Prison ability, entrapping a random player:
 Rooted and disables evasion (Sets Can Evade to False, +Rooted AI is Active).
 Temporarily reduces threat by 100%.
 Lasts for 16 seconds.
  • Temporarily gains damage immunity for ~5-10 seconds, except for bleeding and specific debuff effects. Notably, she triggers this ability once around the halfway mark of her health and again shortly before her eventual defeat. During this period, she retains the capability to launch attacks.
  • Leeching surrounding adds, healing herself.


  • "Who calls me forth, who are not my devoted?"
  • "Your intentions are your folly, and so you shall meet doom where you hoped to find victory."
  • "I find your hearts amusingly pure. I shall take my time in turning you."
  • "My beloved children are not for slaughter!"
  • "You must be punished for this insolence."