From Echoes of Angmar

Location [[]]
Level 34
Species Wight
Rank Elite Master
Max-health '
Max-power '


Vatar is the Wight-Lord, found deep within Garth Agarwen. One can assume that he is in command of the Wights that spread terror and destruction across the Lone-lands. He is also the personal guardian of Naruhel, known commonly as the Red-Maid, and he stands guard in front of the doorway which leads to her chamber.


Vatar, Level 34 Elite-Master - 19,743 Morale, 5067 Power

In order to open the door that leads to the Red-Maid's chamber, Vatar must be defeated.

Once engaged, a short in-game sequence plays before he is engaged. The fight itself can be divided into two "phases":

Phase 1

  • He appears not to use any special abilities during this phase, and hits moderately hard.

Phase 1 lasts until Vatar's morale reaches 1%, at which point he falls to the ground. Shortly thereafter he summons five or six Creeping Muck-Crawler adds that can easily be killed with area-of-effect damage. He enters Phase 2 after they are all defeated.

Phase 2

  • Self-heals initally, bringing his morale back up to 100% (not interruptable).
  • Summons 3-4 Creeping Muck-Crawlers approximately every 20 seconds.
  • Continues to hit for the same damage as previously.

Vatar is defeated when his morale is fully brought down a second time, regardless of how many Creeping Muck-Crawlers remain. However, the adds do not de-spawn and will need to be dealt with sooner or later.



  • "Excuse my creaking bones. It has been quite some time since the last sacrifice."
  • "I sense you are not here for sacrificial reasons, however."
  • "We are here to protect her. This is what happens to those who cross us!"
  • "That is a wise choice. I shall exist long after you are gone, and she must have a warden."
  • "Fools! You shall not pass to visit the Maiden. I will see to that."
  • "I have no time for you fools!"
  • "Not even the chosen of Iarwain Ben-adar can defeat me. You, too, shall pay this price."
  • "Let us begin!"
  • "...and so the dead shall rise!"