Oakheart's Plight

From Echoes of Angmar
Oakheart's Plight
Level 32
Type Fellowship
Region Lone-lands


You have found a familiar face as a prisoner within Garth Agarwen: the strange old woman, Sara Oakheart.

Bestowal dialogue

'It is a great and wonderous thing that you have rescued me,{PLAYER}. I had feared I would be lost here forever. 'I'm not sure that I can make it out on my own. Do you think you could help me get to the front gates of Garth Agarwen? 'Perhaps if you follow me, I can find a way out of this maze.'


  1. Follow Sara Oakheart out of Garth Agarwen and protect her along the way! She seems to have been captured by Ivar and the wights.
  2. Now that you have successfully escorted Sara Oakheart to safety, you should speak with her again.
    • Speak with Sara Oakheart


Select one of:
Gold 37 Silver 10 Copper 


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