The Forgotten Company

From Echoes of Angmar
The Forgotten Company
Level 36
Type Fellowship
Region North Downs
Quest-giver Bartelot Took


The Tooks in the camp at Fornost are desperately looking for proof that hobbits fought in the Battle of Fornost. They have been ridiculed for their beliefs, so they have come to find the proof they so desperately need.

Bestowal dialogue

'Have you come to mock me? Hobbits are the finest archers in all the lands, and there is no one who can tell me different! 'Oh, sorry. I do get a little annoyed with strangers questioning my beliefs. Let me tell you that there were definitely hobbits at the Battle of Fornost. I just need to find proof. Can you help me? 'I need to collect arrowheads from the hobbits that were slain at Fornost. If you could bring me several, that should show those doubters!'


  1. You might find hobbit arrowheads among the skeletons within Fornost, north of the Fornost camp. Bartelot Took has asked you to collect hobbit arrowheads from the ruins of Fornost, believing that they will prove to everyone that there really were hobbits at the Battle of Fornost.
  2. Bartelot Took is at the Fornost Camp, south of Fornost itself. Your search produced a large number of arrowheads. You should take them to Bartelot Took.


Gold 39 Silver 90 Copper