The Shire Quests

From Echoes of Angmar
Quest Level Bestower
The Bird and Baby 6 Carlo Blagrove
By Hook or By Crook 9 Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Finding the Nest 8 Otho Broadbelt
Free the Tree 9 Walking-tree
Join the Bounders 5 Adelard Took
Needlehole Watch 6 Shirriff Robin Smallburrow
Untangled Webs 8 Shirriff Robin Smallburrow
The Green Dragon 8 Barmy Rootknot
The Floating Log 9 Ponto Hopsbloom
The Plough and Stars 10 Halson Tubwort
Fate of the Black Rider 10 Odovacar Bolger
The Golden Perch 10 Gunderic Grubb
Skip Introduction 5 Postman Took
Took and a Tower 11 Esilia Took
The End of the Matter 10 Thain Paladin Took II
Flare For Danger 11 Thain Paladin Took II
Adelard's Chapter 7 Pervinca Took
Confront the Old Took 9 Adelard Took
The Founding Writ 8 Keeper Brombard Foxtail
Ghost of the Old Took 9 Adelard Took
The Last of the Fireworks 9 Adelard Took
The Old Took's Favourite 9 Adelard Took
The Vigilance Committee 9 Mat Harfoot
Violet in Peril 10 Farmer Maggot
Unwelcome Strangers 12 Farmer Maggot
Brockenborings to Bree-town 10 Bounder
Spoiled Pie from the Party Field 6 Opal Goodbody
Lobelia's Pie 6 Holly Hornblower
Spoiled Pie from Brockenborings 10 Ivo Brockhouse
Spoiled Pie from Budgeford 9 Sapphira Bolger
Spoiled Pie from Bywater 6 Gerd Whitfoot
Spoiled Pie from Frogmorton 9 Myrtle Oddfoot
Spoiled Pie from Little Delving 5 Wydo Boffin
Spoiled Pie from Michel Delving 5 Hugo Broad
Spoiled Pie from Needlehole 7 Iris Chubb
Spoiled Pie from Scary 10 Poppy Grubb
Spoiled Pie from Stock 9 Primrose Proudfoot
Spoiled Pie from Tuckborough 8 Edilina Proudfoot
Spoiled Pie from Woodhall 9 Daisy Hornblower
Pie for The Green Dragon 6 Holly Hornblower
Belco's Writ 9 Belco Brockhouse
Old Sally 9 Belco Brockhouse
A Sack of Feed 9 Belco Brockhouse
Shore Up the Fence 9 Belco Brockhouse
My Grandson's Lunch 10 Gammer Tunnelly
Brimstone and Sparks 9 Hyacinth Took
Lobelia's Fireworks 9 Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
The Big Black Bear 9 Hart Holeman
Seeking Saltpetre 9 Hyacinth Took
Calling for Charcoal 9 Hyacinth Took
Wolves in the Fields 9 Cam Puddifoot
Old Odo's Leaf-Farm 11 Rollo Boffin
Gerebert Misses a Meal 8 Esilia Took
A Hidden Stash 9 Longo Burrow
Leaf in Woodhall 9 Esilia Took
Longo's Leaf-waggon 8 Esilia Took
Longo's Missing Waggon 10 Rollo Boffin
Spider Plague 8 Otho Broadbelt
Web-cutter 9 Gammer Boffin
Long Live the Queen 10 Gammer Boffin
A Salve for Stings 9 Polo Proudfoot
Honey-bears 9 Polo Proudfoot
The Dwarves of Needlehole 8 Bounder Chubb
Tell Bounder Chubb 8 Filibert Bolger
A Gift for the North 8 Ulfar
Daffodil is Missing 8 Filibert Bolger
Worries From Waymeet 5 Peony Grubb
Rescue Dora's Chickens 5 Dora Brownlock
The Wolf in Exile 7 Dora Brownlock
Wolves At Waymeet 6 Dora Brownlock
Distant Dangers 11 Ponto Hornblower
Restless Roost 10 Prisca Underhill
Close Up Their Burrows 5 Ruby Primstone
Bandages for Callum 10 Wilimar Bolger
A Few Pages Short 10 Wilimar Bolger
The Menace Confronted 10 Wilimar Bolger
The Veiled Menace 10 Wilimar Bolger
The Trouble With Harvest-flies 9 Bingo Bolger
Bears On the Greenfields 10 Bodo Goodbody
Lucky Sling-stone 9 Everard Holebourne
Eggs for Gammer Tunnelly 8 Farmer Sandson
Eggs for Holly Hornblower 6 Farmer Sandson
Making the Rounds 6 Farmer Sandson
Fallen Apples 7 Gaffer Gamgee
Refurbishing the Town Hole 8 Assistant Fallohide
Spiders in the Quarry 11 Lily Proudfoot
Howling at Midnight 9 Milo Bolger
The Secret of the Collar 9 Linda Bolger
A Taste for Pork 9 Linda Bolger
The Warg of Budgeford 11 Orthir
Many Happy Returns 10 Milo Hornblower
Sheep Theft 12 Mungo Burrows
Cloak of the Black Rider 10 Odovacar Bolger
Spectre of the Black Rider 10 Odovacar Bolger
Bundle for Michel Delving 5 Postman Newbuck
Bundle for Waymeet 6 Postmaster Proudfoot
Bundle for Needlehole 7 Postman Twofoot
Bundle for Michel Delving 8 Postman Redsmith
Bundle for Tuckborough 8 Postmaster Proudfoot
Bundle for Hobbiton 8 Postman Took
Bundle for Overhill 9 Postman Grubb
Bundle for Bywater 9 Postman Boffin
Bundle for Woodhall 10 Postman Oddfoot
Bundle for Stock 10 Postman Spinner
Bundle for Budgeford 10 Postman Smallburrow
Bundle for Scary 11 Postman Bolger
Bundle for Brockenborings 12 Postman Digswell
Inspire Postman Oddfoot 9 Postman Cotton
Hiders and Seekers 5 Rollo Newbuck
The Top Hiding-Place 5 Rollo Newbuck
The Fate of Prunella Boffin 12 Fosco Boffin
Rousting Ruffians 10 Hammy Maggot
A True Friend of Holly Hornblower 1 Holly Hornblower
A True Friend to the Quick Post 1 Postmaster Proudfoot
A Bounder of Great Merit 10 Bounder
The Early Bird 6 Wald Sandson
The Sky is Falling 6 Wald Sandson
Which Laid First? 6 Wald Sandson
Flying the Coop 6 George
Free Range 6 George
Flying the Coop -- Bree-land 6 George
Returning to Wald 6 George
Flying the Coop -- Ered Luin 6 George
Flying the Coop -- Evendim 6 George
Flying the Coop -- Lone-lands 6 George
Flying the Coop -- North Downs 6 George
Flying the Coop -- Trollshaws 6 George