From Echoes of Angmar

Virtues are a type of trait that increase specific attributes. Each virtue shifts 3 values: a primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each virtue is obtained by performing various deeds around the world so, as you progress through your levels, you will obtain virtue traits that may be slotted to gain the benefits of their effects.

If you look at your character information in the game, you can see that there are 10 ranks shown for each virtue. Not all 10 ranks are available within the game at this time and different virtues have different maximum ranks. The tables below provide information on the various virtues, the effects they provide, and the current maximum rank available for each one.

Reputation Virtue Enhancements

With the release of book 11, several reputation centers were put in the game allowing players to earn reputation based rewards with the various factions. Among the rewards are new items for the four races: racially specific rewards, called Awards, that grant a new racial trait which will increase 3 specific virtues by 1 rank for that character.

The 4 races each have their own racial award and may currently only use the award for their race. Here is a table showing the 4 races and their award information:

Race Reputation Center Rep. Level Needed Award Name Virtue #1 Virtue #2 Virtue #3
Thorin's Hall Friend Award of Dwarf Virtue Fidelity Honesty Loyalty
Elves of Rivendell Friend Award of Elven Virtue Charity Patience Wisdom
Mathom Society (Shire) Friend Award of Hobbit Virtue Empathy Honesty Idealism
Men of Bree Friend Award of Men Virtue Confidence Justice Patience

Virtue Tables

The following table shows the attribute bonuses at the current maximum rank (indicated after the trait name) as of the Book 11 update. Follow the link to each virtue's article to learn how to pursue each trait to its maximum rank.

Virtue Rnk Mor ICMR OCMR Pwr OCPR Arm Mgt Agi Vit Wil Fate Shd Fear Wnd Dis Pois mVul rVul tVul
Charity 6 +2.1 +6% -1.5%
Comp 6 +3.2 -3% -1%
Confiden 7 +2.4 +11 +7%
Determin 8 +46 +0.6 +24
Discipline 8 +24 +4% -1.0%
Empathy 6 +30 +9 +2%
Fidelity 7 +23 +11 +7%
Fortitude 8 +7.3 +12 +3%
Honesty 6 +77 +15 +5
Honour 7 +6 +4% +7%
Idealism 7 +6 +21 +4%
Innocenc 6 +2% +3% -3.0%
Justice 8 +113 +0.8 +3.6
Loyalty 6 +39 +8 +18
Mercy 8 +5.5 +6 -2%
Patience 7 +4.9 +4% -1%
Tolerance 6 +0.5 +9 -3%
Valour 8 +226 +5.5 +6
Wisdom 6 +3.2 +18 +2%
Zeal 8 +8% +3% -2%

The rate at which the attribute bonuses from a virtue increase as the virtue ranks up can be unexpected.

This image shows the effects of the virtues at a glance. The darker the color, the higher the impact that virtue has.

Effect Cha Com Con Det Dis Emp Fid For Hsty Hnr Ide Inn Jus Loy Mer Pat Tol Val Wis Zea
Max Morale x x X
Max Power x X X
Morale Regen in Combat x x O
Morale Regen out of Combat X x x
Power Regen in Combat
Power Regen out of Combat x x x X X x
Wound Resistance X x O
Fear Resistance X O x
Disease Resistance x O X
Poison Resistance X x O
Ranged Vulnerability x X O
Magic Vulnerability O x X
Melee Vulnerability O X x
Shadow Mitigation X x O
Might X x x
Agility X O x
Vitality x x X
Will x x X
Fate x x X
Armour Bonus X x x
Effect Cha Com Con Det Dis Emp Fid For Hsty Hnr Ide Inn Jus Loy Mer Pat Tol Val Wis Zea
  • Light green = minor effect; dark green = significant effect.
  • An X inside a box indicates the effect gains in strength as you attain higher ranks in the virtue. An O indicates that the effect only gets stronger once (usually around rank 3 or 4) as you attain multiple ranks in the virtue. In a few cases, the effect never gets stronger at all.
  • Each virtue has three effects. Usually the effects are an increase in rate of morale regeneration or Power Regeneration, an increased resistance to a type of damage, and a bonus to a stat. Sometimes the virtue provides two increases to resistance.

There are no virtues which provide a bonus to the regeneration of power while the player is in combat.