Bree-land Quests

From Echoes of Angmar
Quest Level Bestower
Adso's Delivery 10 Adso Haybank
Question the Prisoner 3 Jailor Ned Pruner
Skip Introduction 5 Amdir
To Mr. Butterbur 10 Adso Haybank
Trouble in Buckland 10 Barliman Butterbur
Lalia's Safe Passage 16 Lalia
The Search for Lalia 15 Bob
Into the Woods 20 Gil Sandheaver
Old Forest Investigation 13 Saradoc Brandybuck
Old Forestry 12 Celandine Brandybuck
Rollo and Doderic 12 Farmer Maggot
By Axe and Fire 20 Goldberry
Searching for Fresh Springs 13 Adso Haybank
Now to Eastfarthing 10 Adso Haybank
Off to Staddle 10 Adso Haybank
Payment in Full 12 Adso Haybank
Broken Alliance 16 Saeradan
Orc-slayer 14 Saeradan
Rangers and Rogues 12 Chief Watcher Grimbriar
Shadow of the White Hand 13 Saeradan
Sharkey's Plan 14 Saeradan
The Vale of Andrath 15 Saeradan
Sharkey's Men 12 Chief Watcher Grimbriar
Calming the Wake 17 Chief Watcher Grimbriar
Bree-town to Trestlebridge 20 Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch
Haunted Alley 10 Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch
Shield-brother 14 Lost Shade
Bone Man 18 Lost Shade
Foray into the Barrow-downs 16 Newbold Leafcutter
Return to the Barrow-downs 16 Newbold Leafcutter
Ruins of Cardolan 18 Newbold Leafcutter
Dangerous Boars 8 Constable Tanglerush
Beyond the Bulwarks 1 Constable Thistlewool
Fresh Supplies 3 Peg Pruner
Old Bloodtusk 5 Cal Sprigley
A Threat from Spiders 5 Atli Spider-bane
Finding Reason 7 Cal Sprigley
Spider-bane 9 Atli Spider-bane
Forest Bats 12 Hodric Bracegirdle
Forest Bears 12 Hodric Bracegirdle
Forest Spiders 12 Hodric Bracegirdle
Forest Wolves 12 Hodric Bracegirdle
Healing Stores 9 Bruner Stoutthrush
Pipe-weed Delivery 9 Bruner Stoutthrush
Family Treasures 9 Bruner Stoutthrush
Bear Pelts 11 Roger Hawkling
Boar Heads 11 Roger Hawkling
Wolf-pelts 14 Roger Hawkling
New Trouble in the Old Forest 16 Toly Brockhouse
The Wood-cutter's Tale 15 Toly Brockhouse
Haunted Forest 18 Gillemin Brandybuck
A Blade For a Life 14 Kenton Thistleway
Forging a New Blade 14 Lofar Ironband
A Dwarf Made Blade 12 Lofar Ironband
Getting the Blade Back 12 Kenton Thistleway
Stolen Notes 15 Oddvarr
The Forgetful Dwarf 15 Oddvarr
Horses for Hire 15 Cam Applewood
Thornley's Farm 14 Rose Thornley
Thornley's Rescue 15 Robb Thornley
Thornley's Revenge 16 Rose Thornley
Addie's Missing Sons 16 Addie Wheatley
Find Malin 16 Addie Wheatley
Fresh Steed for Bree 35 Éogar, son of Hadorgar
Fresh Steed for Michel Delving 35 Éogar, son of Hadorgar
Fresh Steed for Othrikar 35 Éogar, son of Hadorgar
Proving Your Quality 35 Éogar, son of Hadorgar
Snapper Soup 20 Emma Rosethorn
Into Bree 8 Lolo Wendingway
Report From Staddle 11 Watcher Redweed
The Errant Coinpurse 7 Lolo Wendingway
Two Chieftains 11 Watcher Redweed
Gammy Boggs 8 Watcher Redweed
On to Staddle 8 Lolo Wendingway
Scouting the Marshes 10 Watcher Redweed
The Threat of Fire 10 Watcher Redweed
Concern for a Friend 10 Gammy Boggs
Eyes of Staddle 10 Gammy Boggs
Falco's Garden 9 Gammy Boggs
Lily's Secret 11 Gammy Boggs
Fixing Falco's Folly 11 Falco Greenhand
Farmer's Market 9 Eldo Swatmidge
Message for the Constable 7 Himloc Grouse
The Vigil 10 Himloc Grouse
Stolen Pipe-weed 10 Constable Bolger
Wanetta the Wedge 9 Asphodel Froghorn
Quality and Character 9 Eldo Swatmidge
Ailing Hound 9 Longo Daegmund
Widow's Farmhand 8 Eldo Swatmidge
Widow Froghorn's Pipeweed 8 Asphodel Froghorn
Unwell Water 9 Longo Daegmund
The Wise Woman 9 Lily Underhill
Fresh Flowers 9 Willowsong
All's Well that Ends Well 9 Willowsong
Friendships Renewed 8 Burl Beeman
Giant Problems 30 Amlan
Big Problems 17 Dob Sandheaver
The Pie-eating Contest 5 Humbert Sandheaver
Neekers in the Marshes 7 Watcher Reedy
Spiders in the Midgewater 8 Watcher Reedy
Blackwold Thieves 9 Constable Sageford
Blackwold Valuables 8 Constable Sageford
Rurik Fennel, Locksmith 8 Constable Sageford
Treasure in the Web 8 Constable Sageford
Unpaid Debts 6 Constable Sageford
Mourning the Dead 9 Gail Catchpole
Reconnecting Ties 9 Maida Woodwright
Beneath the Hanging Tree 5 Ted Pickthorn
Pickthorn's Treasure 7 Mason Thorne
The Logger's Ledger 7 Ted Pickthorn
Disease Among the Boars 6 Constable Thistlewool
Builder Earur 8 Builder Earur
Message to Taylor Green 7 Builder Earur
Den of Wolves 6 Taylor Green
Old Bauman's Farm 8 Old Bauman
Posco's Uncle 8 Posco Burrows
Spiders at the Walls 4 Atli Spider-bane
Stolen Treasures 4 Ann Granger
Neeker-friend 9 Roderick Neeker-friend