Bree-land Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar


Bree-land Adventurer (Advanced)

Reward: Charity

+1 Empathy Bree-land Adventurer 15 Quests Bree-land
+2 Loyalty Bree-land Adventurer (Final) 45 Quests Bree-land


+1 Determination Barghest-Slayer (Advanced) Slayer Bree-land
+1 Discipline Sicklefly-Slayer (Advanced) Bree-land
+1 Fortitude Bree-land Woodsman (Advanced) 40 Trees Bree-land
+1 Fortitude Neekerbreeker-Slayer (Advanced) 60 Neekers Bree-land
+1 Honour Bree-land Spider-Slayer (Advanced) 60 Spiders Bree-land
+1 Justice Bree-land Brigand-Slayer (Advanced) 60 Brigands Bree-land
+1 Mercy Bree-land Wight-Slayer (Advanced) 80 Wights Bree-land
+1 Valour Bree-land Orc-Slayer (Advanced) 60 Orcs Bree-land
+1 Zeal Brood-hunter (Advanced) 300 Spiders Bree-land
+1 Mercy Grave-digger (Advanced) 300 Wardens Bree-land
+1 Mercy Nemesis of the Fallen (Advanced) 200 Spirits Bree-land


+1 Idealism The History of the Dúnedain Lore Bree-land
+1 Idealism Flowers of the Old Forest Lore Bree-land
+1 Wisdom Lore of the Cardolan Prince Lore Bree-land


+1 Patience The Barrow-Downs Exploration Bree-land
+1 Patience The Ruins of Bree-land Exploration Bree-land
+1 Wisdom The Old Forest Explorer Bree-land